Supported Living Liaison Network

Who: The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Established the "Supported Living Liaison Network" in 2003.

Purpose: To link individuals who are living in their own homes to people and their families who are considering supported living as a residential option outside of their family homes.

The "Supported Living Liaison Network" is comprised of individuals who are living in their own homes and are willing to share their stories and experiences with supported living services. This network provides a listing by Areas of individuals, organized by various categories that are currently receiving supported living services. Individuals who are considering supported living and have questions will be able to access network members' contact information through either support coordinators or supported living coaches. The network also links families to discuss not only successes but also fears and concerns regarding their loved ones living on their own. Learning from others may make a difference in understanding and choosing the types of services and supports needed for success.

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