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Sunland has 349 non-secure beds that are licensed as Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD). The facility has operated ICF/DD beds for approximately 30 years successfully meeting all conditions specified for participation in the Medicaid funded program. With these beds services are provided in the specialized areas of autism, geriatric, medically fragile, dually diagnosed as well as the profound/severe developmentally disabled.

Sunland's focus is to provide necessary treatment services for presenting conditions and support the individuals we serve in attainment of desired personal outcomes. Conducting a Personal Outcome Measure interview with the resident, guardian and/or family member and key service staff defines expectations of personal outcomes. These expectations are formulated into individualized support plans and drive the support services delivery system.

Sunland also has a 34 bed secure facility known as the Pathways Program. This program provides services for males who have been determined "Incompetent to Proceed" in criminal court. The individuals served in Pathways have a wide range of forensic, behavioral and psychiatric histories. The program is specifically designed to offer a comprehensive treatment approach which provides routine learning experiences in ways that resemble a balanced community lifestyle. The Pathway's environment consists of educational, vocational and leisure opportunities provided within the context of a levels of progression system in a highly secure setting.

Although Sunland is a relatively self-contained community serving developmentally disabled individuals, extensive partnerships with local communities and organizations enhance the residential service provision to our consumers and disabled citizens living within the catchment area.

Sunland is referred to as a Residential Campus and is to be considered a community of some of Florida's most vulnerable citizens who need specialized services and care. We are proud of the many dedicated employees who have chosen to make this their life's work, many of which have worked at Sunland for well over 20 years, some as many as 35 to 40 years.

Sunland is committed to providing quality services to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.