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APD at University of Florida

APD has partnered with the University of Florida to offer free HIPAA training for staff of providers serving individuals receiving services through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. This is a federal training requirement related to Public Law 104-191. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to complete this course and have it count for compliance.
WARNING: Each person is expected to complete the training individually. If evidence is found that batches of names are being entered to obtain certificates, rather than each person completing his/her own course and certificate, it will be brought to the attention of the Medicaid Fraud Unit of the Agency for Health Care Administration for possible action.

  1. Thank you in advance for following these instructions

  2. Please click on the following link to begin:  HIPAA at UF:  Patient Privacy and Security for Visitors and Vendors

  3. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. 

    1. This tutorial appears as a pop-up box. If you click below on Begin Training and get sent back to this page, you need to either disable your pop-up blocker or use a different computer that allows pop-ups from this page. Speak to your computer support person for help.

    2. The tutorial takes approximately 15 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. Please do not close the tutorial window until you see the Certificate of Completion, which appears at the end of the training. Read the information on each slide. Press the NEXT button to proceed from slide to slide.

    3. Registration is at the end: You do not need a UFID number to register the completion of your training – you may make up a dummy-number. The registration screen comes at the end of the tutorial and before the Certificate of Completion.   When creating a dummy number, use ####-0000;  replace the first 4 digits with some other set of numbers that you will remember, such as part of a phone #, address, or zip code. Be sure there is a hyphen (dash) in between.  Do NOT use all zeros and do NOT include your Social Security Number as any part of your dummy-number.

  4. Even though a telephone number is provided in the training for questions, please do NOT call anyone at the University for assistance with the course – they will not know how to answer your specific technical questions.  Should you need assistance call whomever provides you with computer technical support. 

  5. The University of Florida and APD are allowing the use of this training free of charge, and therefore there is no technical support available.