How much can APD charge for public documents?

By law, APD may charge 15 cents per one-sided copy for copies that are 14" x 8 1/2" or less, and 20 cents per double-sided copy. APD may charge 30 cents per map for 30 inch by 42 inch maps and 50 cents per map for 36 inch by 30 1/4 inch maps. Audio and video tapes may cost from $1.30 to 1.83 per tape, and CD-ROM disks may be provided at a cost of 70 cents per disk. A charge of up to $1 per copy may be assessed for a certified copy of a public record, and the requestor is responsible for the cost of mailing the records. Other costs for the actual cost of duplication may be charged when the public records are produced using a material other than the ones listed above. If the nature and volume of the records to be copied requires extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance, or both, APD may charge based on the costs incurred. This is why being clear and specific in your request is important.








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