Region Staff

Area of Responsibility Staff Name Staff Telephone Staff Email
Regional Operations Manager/ ROM Lynne Daw 850-922-9831
Admin Asst. to ROM Donna Templeton 850-487-1993
Deputy, Regional Operations Manager/ROM Colleen Foley 850-872-7652
Background Screening Briana Golar 850-922-9963
Behavior Analysis Wan Ahmad 850-922-6139
CDC+ : Consumer Direct Care Plus Nicole Miller 850-872-7652
Community Resources Annette Zeeb 850-595-8307
Consumer Application/Intake Cydeon Trueblood 850-922-4305
FCC liaison (Pensacola, Area 1) Lynne Daw Octavius Jackson (Tallahassee) Annette Zeeb (Pensacola) 850-922-9831


FCC liaison (Tallahassee, Area 2) Lynne Daw Octavius Jackson (Tallahassee) 850-922-9831 
Forensics Regina Schouest 850-718-0563
Licensing and Facilities Monitoring Joanne David 850-595-8098
Medical Case Management Linda Donar 850-872-7652
Provider Enrollment Briana Golar 850-922-9963
QSI:  Questionnaire for Situational Information Linda Donar 850-872-7652
Quality Assurance Nilda Barreto 850-922-9188
Residential Planning Deborah Rancifer 850-595-8351
Supported Employment Katie Rice 850-595-8349
Supported Living Lynne Daw 850-922-9831
Training Nilda Barreto 850-922-9188
Waiver Support Coordination Nicole Miller 850-872-7652