Area Staff

Area of Responsibility Staff Name Email Address Phone Number
Regional Operations Manager/ ROM Evelyn Alvarez 305-377-5792
Admin Asst. to ROM Carmen Toledo 305-377-5783
Deputy, Regional Operations Manager/ROM Sherab Chodron 305-377-5089
Background Screening Hillary Jackson - for CDC+
consumers' employees, only
Background Screening Yugoslavia Marte - Regionwide 305-377-5203
Background Screening Arnaldo Ramos - Regionwide 305-377-7133
Behavior Analysis Michael Wesolowski, Ph.D. 305-377-7266
Behavior Analysis Enrique Molina, Ph.D. 305-349-1434
CDC+ - Consumer Direct Care Plus Hillary Jackson 305-808-6251
Consumer Application/Intake Rebeca Garcia-Sotelo 305-377-7101
Crisis Committee Diana Flores 305-810-1016
Budget Manager Maria Linares 305-377-5140
Forensics Hilda Fluriach, Esq 305-377-5752
Licensing and Facilities Monitoring Kirk Ryon 305-377-7436
Medical Case Management, R.N. Brenda Viera 305-377-5076
Provider Enrollment Supervisor Kirk Ryon 305-377-7436
Provider Enrollment Yugoslavia Marte 305-377-5203
Provider Enrollment Arnaldo Ramos 305-377-7133
QSI: Questionnaire for Situational Information Rebeca Garcia-Sotelo 305-377-7101
Quality Assurance Kirk Ryon 305-377-7436
Residential Planning Cary Dashiff 305-377-7269
Supported Employment Michelle Alamo 305-349-1299
Supported Living Roland Berthold 305-377-5378
Training Coordinator Maxine Johnson 305-377-5273
Waiver Support Coordination Hillary Jackson 305-808-6251
Wait List Management Niurka Romero 305-377-5593
FCC Liason Diana Flores 305-810-1016


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