Southern Region Staff

Staff Name Area of Responsibility Phone Email Address
Evelyn Alvarez Regional Operations Manager/ROM 305-377-5792
Hillary Jackson Deputy Regional Operations Manager 305-808-6251
Carmen Toledo Administrative Assistant to the SR 305-377-5783
Joy Joseph Govt. Operations Consultant II 305-377-5004
Jimmy Simon Desktop Support/IT 305-377-5006
Hilda Fluriach Senior Attorney 305-377-5752
Delays De La Rosa Secretary Specialist/Legal Dept. 305-377-5022
Administrative Services Workstream
Maria Linares Stream Lead/Budget Mrgr 305-377-7235
Lirde Nunez Operations Review Specialist 305-377-5169
Ted Donaldson Billing Invoicing 305-377-7286
Theresa Valcin Billing Invoicing 305-377-7237
Quality Improvement Workstream
Kirk Ryon Stream Lead/Quality Assurance 305-377-7436
Jacqueline Reyes Secretary Specialist 305-377-7511
Rosa Llaguno Quality Assurance Specialist 305-377-5815
Cergine Cator-Eusebe Quality Assurance Specialist 305-377-5047
Yvrose Celestin Licensing Specialist 305-377-5378
  Regional Residential Plan. Coordinator 305-377-7269  
Martine Saint-Aime Lead Worker Quality Assurance 305-377-7281
Nicholas Blume Lead Worker Licensing and Monitoring 305-377-5374
Joseph Guillaume Group Home Monitor/Group Home Lic. Specialist 305-377-5374
Rosa Baerga De Vazquez Group Home Monitor/Group Home Lic. Specialist 305-377-5374
Gerry C. Driscoll Group Home Monitor/Group Home Lic. Specialist 305-377-5203
Ariadna Martinez Provider Enrollment 305-377-7133
Freddy Noa Provider Enrollment 305-377-5550
Roland Berthold Supported Living Liasion 305-377-5440
Lily-Ann Felton Supported Living Liasion 305-377-5065
Yugoslavia Marte Provider Emrollment/Background Screen/Waiver Support Cord. Selection 305-377-5273
Medicaid Waiver Workstream
Kamicha Ferguson Stream Lead/Med-Waiver Liaison Supervisor 305-810-1026
Orlaya Saintvil Administrative Assistant 305-810-1038
Nelly Perry Secretary Specialist 305-377-7130
Niurka Romero Med-Waiver Liaison 305-377-7129
Yesica Alvarado Med-Waiver Liaison 305-810-1020
Alex Perez Med-Waiver Liaison 305-377-5970
Melanie Francis Med-Waiver Liaison 305-810-1037
Jesus Sotuyo Med-Waiver Liaison 305-810-1035
Annette Brown Med-Waiver Liaison 305-377-7127
Jacinth McGreggor Gregg Med-Waiver Liaison 305-810-1027
Clinical Supports Workstream
Brenda Viera Steam Lead/MCM/Intake and Eligibility Unit/ QSI Project 305-377-7431
Keilyn Martinez Secretary Specialist 305-377-5330
Ayanna Mack Forensic Liaison 305-377-5076
Jorge Lazo Registered Nurse Specialist 305-377-7502
Daymara Ahmed Registered Nurse Specialist 305-377-7502
Ernesto Delgado Registered Nurse Specialist 305-377-5066
Maday Suarez Registered Nurse Specialist 305-377-7502
Enrique Molina Behavior Specialist 305-349-1434 enrique.molina@apdcares
Jaime Tallon Behavior Specialist 305-377-7211
Michael Wesolowski Sr. Behavior Specialist 305-377-7266
Alfonso Valcarcel Intake and Eligibility Specialist 305-808-6240
Intake and Eligibility Unit
Rebeca Garcia-Sotelo Intake and Eligibility/QSI Supervisor 305-377-7101
Itzel Hudek Intake and Eligibility Coordinator 305-810-1019
Norma Pedraza Intake and Eligibility Coordinator 305-810-1018
QSI Program
Joel Hernandez Master Trainer/QSI 305-808-6264
Henry Etienne Master Trainer/QSI 305-808-6264
Alejandro Gracia QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Regina Coates QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Valter Martinez-Corredera QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Daliana Lee QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Maria Arias QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Denny Baldonado QSI Assesor 305-377-5796
Frank Thomas QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Paul Budney QSI Assesor 305-810-1010
Stacy Williams QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Jorge Guimoye QSI Assesor 786-459-6959
Seandel Aiken QSI Assesor 786-562-2263
Carlos Rodriguez QSI Assesor 786-620-9199
Stacy Williams QSI Assesor 305-377-5794
Clara Smith QSI Assesor 786-376-5838
Community Affairs and Waiting List Workstream
Cary Dashiff Stream Lead/Comm.Affairs/FCC Liaison 305-810-1016
Jamilla McFadden Secretary Specialist 305-377-5595
Michelle Alamo Supported Employment Liaison 305-310-3771
Pedro Valencia Supported Employment Liaison 305-810-1017
Gustavo Villazon Wait List Supervisor 305-377-5593
Yanisell Morales Wait List Support Coordinator 305-377-5591
Ollie Wilson Wait List Support Coordinator 305-377-5285
Ileana Toledo Wait List Support Coordinator 305-377-5350
Ana Elias Wait List Support Coordinator 305-349-1444
Nikki Lyons Wait List Support Coordinator 305-377-5348


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