Online Submission Tips

  1. Helpful Hints for Submitting Payroll Via the Web System

  2. We encourage using the web system for payroll submittal. The instructions for web submittal are also included on this website.

    1. All hours for all service codes worked by an employee during each pay period should be entered into the same timesheet screen. You should receive only one tracking number for each of your employees during each pay period. Completing more than one timesheet screen for an employee during a pay period creates a duplication error in the system and will delay the payment to your employee.

    2. Only use the provider ID number that has been assigned by the CDC+ program to your DHE employees, Agency/Vendors or Independent Contractors. Before pushing the submit button, please confirm the consumer ID number you have entered and the provider ID number you have entered are correct. Using anything other than the correctly assigned ID numbers will delay the payments to your employees, agency/vendors or independent contractors.

    3. Please do not complete a timesheet for any services that are provided by an Agency/Vendor or Independent Contractor. Agency/Vendors and Independent Contractors will give you an invoice for the month in which they provided services, and the invoice amount must be entered into the agency/vendor and independent contractor invoice screen, not into the employee timesheet screen.

    4. Service codes entered on employee timesheets should be two digits only. Please do not use any letters in the service code, such as 32R, using anything other than the correct two digits will create an error in the system and could delay the payment to your provider. Although a letter is used on an employee’s paper timesheet which designates the section the employee is budgeted, you do not use these letters when entering this information in web entry. You simply select the correct plan section for each employee from the down menu

    5. Agency/Vendor or Independent Contractor invoices should be entered using service codes with two digits. If you enter more than two digits, it will create an error in the system and will delay payment to your provider.

      The following service codes are the only service codes that can include more than 2 digits. These services would be provided by a licensed professional and would be submitted as an Agency/Vendor or Independent Contractor invoice.

      • 06A – Behavior Therapy Assessment
      • 29A – OT Assessment
      • 38A – Physical Therapy Assessment
      • 45A – Respiratory Therapy Assessment
      • 53A – Speech Therapy Assessment
      • 14A – ENV Modification Assessment
      • 33A – Personal Emergency Response System Installation.

    6. If you have allocated a portion of your CDC+ monthly budget in your approved purchasing plan to be received as a cash payment each month, it is not necessary to submit reimbursement requests for your cash receipts. The monthly cash check will be handled automatically as it has been in the past.

    7. Please remember it is critical that you write down, print and retain all your submitted tracking ID numbers that are issued on the web system. Without this tracking number we are unable to be fully responsive to researching any issues with payment connected with web entry submissions.

  3. Reminders:

    1. Please be sure to select the correct time period and enter the correct day for each service in the timesheet screen. It is always good practice to read over the data you have entered and verify it is correct before you push the submit button.

    2. Although all timesheets, invoices and reimbursements will be submitted by web entry or by calling the CDC+ Customer Service Call Center, all paperwork must be complete in order to process payments. The paper documents representing the payroll claims you have submitted for payroll must be maintained in your CDC+ file.

    3. All new provider enrollment forms must be received and completed correctly prior to any payment for services.DHE employees are required to have an Employee Information Form, W4, and I9. Agency/Vendors must have a Vendor Information Form and Independent Contractors must have a Vendor Information Form, and W9. Failure to provide the necessary forms will delay the payments to your employees, agency/vendors or independent contractors.

    If you have questions or are unsure if your claims submission was received, call our CDC+ Customer Service Helpline at 1-866-761-7043.

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