Open House at Richbourg School in Crestview

Amy Anderson is the new principal at Richbourg School in Crestview, which serves Pre-K through age 22 students with a wide range of disabilities. She invited APD to her school’s open house/orientation. This orientation included talking with parents and families one-on-one to discuss eligibility criteria, in addition to services and supports that could be a benefit to families.

This event allowed families to plan for services needed to potentially alleviate crisis situations and plan for the transition phase in their child’s life. In addition to APD, Parent Training Coordinator of the Family Network on Disabilities Program Ginger Manley also shared resources to families, including information vital to military families about services available to support their needs. Through this collaboration, Ginger has agreed to provide workshops to military families through the local Family Care Council and to Waiver Support Coordinators within the region. These workshops will be an informative opportunity to magnify services for military families within the region.

Parent Training Coordinator Ginger Manley, Richbourg Principal Amy Anderson, and Northwest Regional Program Manager Octavius Jackson