APD Recognized by Florida Fusion Center

This fall, the Florida Fusion Center (FFC) publicly recognized the Agency for Persons with Disabilities for our commitment to local, state, and national security. Based in Tallahassee, the FFC is our local branch of a security network of state, local, tribal territorial, and federal agencies. The National Network works collaboratively to share information that protects the nation from crimes and terrorist activity.

The FFC provided state agencies with trainings developed by the United States Department of Homeland Security aimed at educating staff on how to recognize and report suspicious activity. As soon as it was available, all APD employees were notified to complete this required training.

Since August 2019, more than 1,716 APD personnel have taken Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) training for public health workers.

Policy Coordinator and Emergency Coordination Officer Karen Hagan serves as APD’s Interagency Fusion Liaison, participating in the fusion process to help ensure that information and intelligence are shared among state and regional partners to better enable the state to detect and prevent criminal and terrorist activity.