There’s No Place Like Home (Depot) for Stephen Abend

By Kimberly Tharpe

Since the beginning of his 12-year career at The Home Depot, Stephen Abend has excelled in all his assigned tasks. After learning product location, Abend became adept at guiding customers to the right item and at providing first-rate customer service. He currently works outside the front of the store and is responsible for shopping cart pick-up, parking lot safety, and the overall inviting look of The Home Depot.

All who know Abend will tell you he is quick to offer a friendly greeting, lend a hand, or share his product knowledge. Job Coach Henry Brown says, “When I visit Stephen at work, everyone knows him and calls him by name, even Home Depot customers. He is always willing to go out of his way to help.” Abend is so good at his work that he has been offered several job opportunities from his satisfied customers, but he can’t be lured away from The Home Depot. Abend says, “I love my job at Home Depot. I like my boss and my coworkers, plus I want to retire from here because I will have a nice 401K retirement plan.” Home Depot Manager Jean Bernard Jovin says, “Abend has received the prestigious Home Depot Corporation Platinum award for outstanding customer service.”

Abend, who has a developmental disability, receives services from Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

Abend’s outside interests are many. He enjoys mountain biking, weightlifting, camping with his family, and reading action books. Moving into his own home is high on his priority list and, of course, staying with The Home Depot until it’s time to retire, but not too soon! There are more tasks to master.

Stephen Abend loves his job at The Home Depot in Sunrise