Family Corners & Associates Helps Clients in Need

By Roland Berthold & Regina Coates

Over the past two months, Southern Region providers have been faced with a very challenging time to meet the needs of our consumers. They have dealt with securing PPEs and doing virtual activities while still maintaining a balance in their own lives, along with those of our APD consumers. We commend all providers that have served consumers during this uncertain COVID-19 time. Group home providers have done a phenomenal job keeping our consumers safe by following recommended orders and guidance. We appreciate everything that providers have done to keep our office informed and ensure that our consumers’ health and safety is of paramount importance.

Six consumers of the Supported Living program in APD's Southern Region were awarded $50 each by a generous donation from Family Corners & Associates, LLC. Our office was approached by Chief Executive Officer Marie Erlande Steril, who wanted to assist up to six of our consumers. Family Corners & Associates provides several waiver services including Personal Supports, Respite, and Supported Living Coaching.

Family Corners & Associates' generosity came at a time of great need for our consumers. Many experienced job loss due to the COVID-19. Most of these consumers rely on their monthly disability checks, which is usually the minimum paid to individuals with disabilities. They rely on those funds to pay for everything, from monthly rent and electricity to food. One consumer was so emotional when she received her $50 that it was difficult for her to find the words to express her gratitude. But when she did find the words, she said, "Nobody handed me nothing before."

On behalf of all the Supported Living clients who received this gift, we say thank you to Family Corners & Associates for being there for these individuals. You have gone above and beyond to assist others in need during this difficult time. The support you have provided has helped tremendously.