Customer Gets New Roof

James Hicks received a lump sum back payment from Social Security 30 years ago, and was encouraged by his then Job Coach, Kim Knobbe, to use it to buy a house. He has lived in that house ever since.

In September 2020, Knobbe, who eventually became Hicks’ Supported Living Coach, caught a glance of a story about a grant for home repairs for West Palm Beach homeowners who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Immediately, Knobbe thought of her longtime supported living client James Hicks.

After applying for the grant, they did not hear anything for two months. In January 2021, Knobbe received an email stating that the “Notice of Commencement” papers were ready for Hicks to sign.

Hicks had been approved for a complete roof replacement, valued at $14,792. Recently, Hicks and Knobbe picked out the shingle colors. Construction is scheduled to begin this month.

James Hicks and Job Coach Kim Knobbe.