Building a Dynamic Training Network Better

Clinical Supports and the Training Unit at State Office recently collaborated to create a new design for the Initial Medication Administration Trainer Training. This class used to be taught in-person by the Regional Medical Case Managers. When the regional offices closed due to the COVID crisis, it was obvious a new approach was needed. Medical Case Managers needed to be able to offer classes – but secure testing is a challenge in the virtual online classroom.

State Office nursing staff converted the exam that required filling in forms to multiple choice questions, then our Training Unit entered the test in TRAIN Florida. With this deliverable, the APD Regional Medical Case Managers can now offer the training using a virtual online format, and then direct the students to take the test in TRAIN Florida.

The deliverable demonstrates APD’s commitment to building a dynamic training network that empowers the workforce. This is the first time that TRAIN Florida is being used for the testing portion of a curriculum that is being offered in a non-TRAIN Florida format. APD will continue using the Initial Medication Administration Trainer Training online process even when in-person classes resume.