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Waiting List Priority Categorization

The Waiting List for waiver services is defined in Section 393.065(5), Florida Statutes and consists of the categories defined in the document titled Waiting List Priority Categories found below. The document titled Waiting List Prioritization Tool was developed by the agency in conjunction with various stakeholders from around the state. It is defined in the law as the mechanism by which the agency will determine who will receive offers for waiver enrollment when the agency has funding for enrolling individuals from the waiting list to the Florida iBudget waiver.

If you are currently on the Agency’s waiting list for the iBudget Waiver program and there has been a change in circumstance or if you are in immediate need of services, please contact your local APD Regional office (click here for contact information) and request to speak to your assigned worker. You may also print the Annual Status Review form (click here to download) and provide us with an update. Also, be sure to check out these resources here if you are currently on the waiting list or do not qualify for APD services.

The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities/UCEDD launched a social media campaign called “Our Time is Now.” The aim is to educate the general public and legislators about the urgent need for increased funding to reduce Florida’s iBudget Waiver Waiting List. For more information, please visit their website at: www.ddwaitlistfl.org.

There are resources for people on the Waiting List or individuals not eligible for APD Services. Click here to review the information.