Proviso Language
From the funds in Specific Appropriation 243, the agency in consultation with the Agency
for Health Care Administration shall develop a plan to establish individual budgets for
individuals enrolled in the home and community based services waivers.

The plan shall provide for the following: an equitable distribution of available resources
among individuals based on an assessment process that includes client characteristics and
a valid formal assessment instrument; client choice of services and providers once the
individual budget is determined; any formulas necessary to predict resource needs and
establish individual budgets; a recommended role for providers and support coordinators
during the assessment process to avoid any potential conflicts of interest; a proposed schedule for
implementation; and any suggested statutory revisions necessary to implement individual budgets.

The agency shall consider input from stakeholder groups, including self-advocates, family members, service
providers, waiver support coordinators, and advocacy organizations in developing the plan.

The plan shall be delivered to the Governor, the chair of the Senate Policy and Steering Committee on Ways
and Means, and the chair of the House Full Appropriations Council on General Government & Health Care no
later than February 1, 2010.
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