Central Region Staff

Area of Responsibility Staff Name Staff Telephone Staff Email
Regional Operations Manager/ ROM Jeannette Estes 407-768-6303 jeannette.estes@apdcares.org
Deputy, Regional Operations Manager/DROM Priscilla Weeks 352-330-2758 priscilla.weeks@apdcares.org
Admin Asst. to ROM Nancy Michael 407-768-6304 nancy.michael@apdcares.org
Admin Assistant Carissa Ramirez 407-768-6331 carissa.ramirez@apdcares.org
Regional Budget Manager Vacant 407-768-6321  
Regional Residential Planning Coordinator Travis Pye 407-768-6339 travis.pye@apdcares.org
Behavioral Specialist Austin Johnson 407-768-6313 austin.johnson@apdcares.org
Regional Trainer Mollie Brown-Ferrier 863-413-3377 mollie.brown-ferrier@apdcares.org
Regional Trainer Kimone Greaves 407-768-6325 kimone.greaves@apdcares.org
Clinical Supports Staff Name Telephone Contact Staff Email
Clinical/Forensic Workstream Manager Merari Perez 407-768-6317 merari.perez@apdcares.org
Clinical Administrative Assistant Jackie Brandibas 407-768-6335 jackie.brandibas@apdcares.org
Forensics Crystal Peters 407-768-6345 crystal.peters@apdcares.org
Behavior Analysis Services - Lakeland Amber Kuzma   amber.kuzma@apdcares.org
Behavior Analysis Services - Orlando Julie Lewis 407-768-6320 julie.lewis@apdcares.org
Behavior Analysis Services - Orlando Vacant 407-232-5480  
Behavior Analysis Services - Wildwood Bingju (Lucy) Zhang 352-330-2742 bingju.zhang@apdcares.org
Behavior Analysis Services Zane Prater 407-205-3795 zane.prater@apdcares.org
Medical Case Management - Lakeland Shirley Hammond, RN 863-413-3378 shirley.hammond@apdcares.org
Medical Case Management - Lakeland Vacant 863-413-3386  
Medical Case Management/Orlando/Brevard County Julie Angotti, RN 407-768-6310 julie.angotti@apdcares.org
Medical Case Management - Orlando Vacant 407-768-6313  
Medical Case Management - Orlando Charline Marks, RN 407-245-0440 ext. charline.marks@apdcares.org
Medical Case Management - Wildwood Petra VonAnsbach, RN 352-330-2755 petra.vonansbach@apdcares.org
QSI - Lead - Orlando Andrea Jones 321-543-2684 andrea.jones@apdcares.org
QSI - Lead - Wildwood Lori Poole 352-643-1496 lori.poole@apdcares.org
Community Supports/Pre-Enrollment Staff Name Telephone Contact Staff Email
Pre-Enrollment/Community Supports Workstream Manager Sharon Jennings 407-768-6326 sharon.jennings@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment/Community Supports Administrative Assistant Chrissdaly Soto 407-768-6332 chrissdaly.soto@apdcares.org
Disability Navigator/Wildwood Alisha Hightower 352-330-2750 alisha.hightower@apdcares.org
Disability Navigator/Wildwood Trinetta Anderson 352-330-2735 trinetta.anderson@apdcares.org
Disability Navigator/Wildwood Tamesha Nisebeth   tamesha.nisebeth@apdcares.org
Disability Navigator/Lakeland Ranee Coffy-Andesha 863-413-3381 ranee.coffy-andesha@apdcares.org
Intake & Eligibility/Liaison Cristina Espinal-Nunez 407-768-6336 cristina.espinal-nunez@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Orlando Susan Porth 407-768-6314 susan.porth@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator/CBC - Orlando Jennifer Varhol 407-768-6305 jennifer.varhol@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Orlando Wanda Rosario 407-768-6338 wanda.rosario@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Orlando Vacant 407-768-6325  
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Orlando Vacant 407-768-6334  
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Lakeland Stacie Cleveland 863-413-3384 stacie.cleveland@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Lakeland Laura Garcia 863-413-3380 laura.garcia@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Wildwood Mark Lewis 352-330-2777 mark.lewis@apdcares.org
Pre-Enrollment Support Coordinator - Wildwood Marva Looby 352-330-2763 marva.looby@apdcares.org
Supported Employment Liaison - Orlando Alvaro Quintero 407-768-6327 alvaro.quintero@apdcares.org
Supported Employment Liaison - Lakeland Vacant 863-413-3381  
Supported Employment Liaison - Wildwood Elizabeth Watson 352-330-2739 elizabeth.watson@apdcares.org
Family Care Council Liaison Manyvone Champavannarath 863-413-3387 manyvone.champavannarath@apdcares.org
Quality Management Staff Name Telephone Contact Staff Email
Quality Workstream Manager Carla Bettis 863-413-3365 Carla.Bettis@apdcares.org
Quality Assurance Supervisor Eduardo "Eddie" Castro 407-768-6309 eduardo.castro@apdcares.org
Regional Qualified Organization Consultant Sylvia Baer 407-768-6320 sylvia.baer@apdcares.org
Incident Management - Orlando Susan Nocek 863-413-3368 susan.nocek@apdcares.org
Incident Management - Lakeland/Wildwood Lisa Thompson 863-413-3372 lisa.thompson@apdcares.org
Incident Management - Lakeland/Wildwood LaCandace Nelson 863-413-3363 LaCandace.Nelson@apdcares.org
Quality Assurance Liaison - Lakeland Sarah Lozano 863-413-3369 sarah.lozano@apdcares.org
Quality Assurance Liaison - Wildwood Patricia Morse 352-330-2729 patricia.morse@apdcares.org
Quality Assurance Liaison - Orlando Idis Arias 407-768-6329 idis.arias@apdcares.org
Quality Assurance Liaison - Orlando Juanita Marshall 407-768-6307 juanita.marshall@apdcares.org
Supported Living Liaison - Orlando Vacant 407-768-6314  
Supported Living Liaison - Wildwood Vacant    
Supported Living Liaison - Lakeland Ranee Coffy-Andesha 863-413-3381 ranee.coffy-andesha@apdcares.org
Provider Enrollment, Training, CMS Supervisor Kimberly Williams 352-330-2743 kimberly.williams@apdcares.org
Provider Enrollment Specialist - Orlando Tawanna Smith 407-768-6333 tawanna.smith@apdcares.org
Provider Enrollment Specialist - Orlando Vacant 407-768-6322  
Provider Enrollment Specialist - Wildwood Lorraine Guziak 352-330-2732 lorraine.guziak@apdcares.org
Provider Enrollment Administrative Assistant- Orlando Alba Fuentes 407-768-6322 alba.fuentes@apdcares.org
CMS Compliance Reviewer Angelle Jenkins   angelle.jenkins@apdcares.org 
CMS Compliance Reviewer Joy Taylor 352-431-8656 joy.taylor@apdcares.org
Residential Services Supervisor Charles Steen 863-413-3359 charles.steen@apdcares.org
Residential Licensing Specialist - Wildwood Jennifer Bailey 352-689-3300 jennifer.bailey@apdcares.org
Residential Licensing Specialist - Lakeland Trelee Mustapha 863-370-6532 trelee.mustapha@apdcares.org
Residential Licensing Specialist - Orlando Amber Griffin 407-697-4786 amber.griffin@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Wildwood Rachel Jones 352-286-7033 rachel.jones@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Wildwood Deborah Daniels   deborah.daniels@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Wildwood Christine Moyer 863-698-1402 christine.moyer@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Wildwood Karen Manly   karen.manly@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Wildwood Vacant    
Residential Group Home Monitor - Lakeland Diane Godette-Lynch 863-413-3372 diane.godette-lynch@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Orlando Andrea D'Angelo   andrea.dangelo@apdcares.org   
Residential Group Home Monitor - Orlando Shantell Callwood   shantell.callwood@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Orlando Natalie Rincon   natalie.rincon@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Orlando Mona Vaveris   mona.vaveris@apdcares.org
Residential Group Home Monitor - Brevard Vacant    
Residential Group Home Monitor - Brevard Carol Gilchriest   carol.gilchriest@apdcares.org
Residential Services Clerical Support Lisa Thompson 863-413-3372 lisa.thompson@apdcares.org
After Hours CRITICAL Incident Call-In Carla Bettis 863-255-2695  
Florida Abuse Hotline (To Report) To Report suspected Abuse. Neglect & Exploitation 1-800-962-2873 http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/service-programs/abuse-hotline/report-online.shtml
Incident Reporting & Abuse LaCandace Nelson 863-413-3363 LaCandace.Nelson@apdcares.org
Incident Reporting & Abuse Susan Nocek 863-413-3368 susan.nocek@apdcares.org
Incident Reporting & Abuse Lisa Thompson 863-413-3372 lisa.thompson@apdcares.org
Medicaid Waiver Staff Name Telephone Contact Staff Email
Waiver Workstream Manager Fanny Chulig 407-768-6318 fanny.chulig@apdcares.org
Waiver Unit Supervisor - Orlando Brenda Sanchez 407-768-6342 brenda.sanchez@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Orlando Maria Goris 407-768-6319 maria.goris@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Orlando Lydia Bustillo 407-768-6341 lydia.bustillo@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Orlando Nancy Rosario 407-768-6330 nancy.rosario@apdcares.org 
Waiver Liaison - Wildwood Barbara Zatkoff 352-330-2776 barbara.zatkoff@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison/CDC - Orlando Leslie Varhol 407-768-6312 leslie.varhol@apdcares.org
Waiver Unit Secretary - Orlando Gertrude Stallon 407-768-6328 gertrude.stallon@apdcares.org
Waiver Supervisor - Lakeland Connie Miller 863-413-3390 connie.miller@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison/Fair Hearings/Trg. - Lakeland Wayne Perry 863-413-3366 wayne.perry@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison/Lead/Medicaid - Lakeland Christine Martin 863-413-3374 christine.martin@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Lakeland Aric McFarlane 863-413-3375 aric.mcfarlane@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Lakeland Vacant 863-413-3385  
Waiver Unit Secretary - Lakeland Milagros "Gigi" Souchet 863-413-3361 milagros.souchet@apdcares.org
Waiver Liaison - Wildwood Vacant 352-330-2735  
Waiver Liaison - Wildwood Sheri Goodman 352-330-2773 sheri.goodman@apdcares.org
Waiver Unit Administrative Asst. - Wildwood Lisa Lee 353-330-2753 lisa.lee@apdcares.org