Region Staff

Area of Responsibility Staff Name Location Staff Telephone Staff Email
Regional Management
Regional Operations Manager/ ROM Linda Donar Panama City 850-747-5638
Administrative Assistant I Donna Kinsey Tallahassee 850-487-1993
Receptionist Katie Bowman Tallahassee 850-487-1992
Receptionist Shannon Roberts Tallahassee 850-487-1992
Receptionist Donna Nathan Panama City 850-872-7652
Stream Lead Mary Farr Pensacola 850-595-8098
Billing/invoicing Donna Hollaway Panama City 850-872-4670
Contract Liaison Tomeko Lee Pensacola 850-595-8231
Stream Lead Sharon Stephens Tallahassee 850-922-5356
Administrative Assistant Vacant      
Sr. Psychologist Wan Ahmad Tallahassee 850-922-6139
Court Liaison Regina Schouest Marianna 850-718-0563
Forensic Liaison Vacant Marianna    
Nurse Amy Driggers Panama City 850-872-7652
Nurse Ali Stanley Pensacola 850-595-8351
Nurse Connie Weaver Pensacola 850-595-8308
Nurse Amy Driggers Tallahassee 850-872-7652
QSI Master Trainer Susan Hettick Panama City 850-872-4192
QSI Master Trainer Vicki Vargason Pensacola 850-595-8192
QSI Assessor Kimberly Chisolm Pensacola 850-595-8351
QSI Assessor Traci Chisolm Pensacola 850-595-8351
QSI Assessor Sharese Hall Pensacola 850-595-8346
QSI Assessor Fajr Ibraheem Tallahassee 850-487-1992
QSI Assessor Sharon Lipford Marianna 850-274-0602
QSI Assessor Phyllis Pennywell Panama City 850-381-3744
QSI Assessor Monica Proctor Tallahassee 850-487-1992
Community Affairs/Waitlist
Stream Lead Octavius Jackson Tallahassee 850-922-2870
Community Relations Liaison/Employment Annette Zeeb Pensacola 850-595-8307
Employment Liaison Willie Miller-Dawkins Pensacola 850-922-2564
Waitlist supervisor  Shirley Horton-Scott Pensacola 850-595-8649
Eligibility Coordinator Tracie Davis Tallahassee 850-922-4305
Secretary Specialist Terri Lynn Favero Tallahassee 850-487-1994
Waitlist Coordinator Akeyria Edwards Tallahassee 850-922-5415
Waitlist Coordinator Martha Dancy-Daniel Pensacola 850-595-8349
Waitlist Coordinator Philip Richard Pensacola 850-595-8343
Waitlist Coordinator Vacant Pensacola    
Waitlist Coordinator Styvenson Coriolan Tallahassee 850-922-5470
Records Storage Angelica Middleton Panama City 850-708-6266
Receptionist Alicia Harper Morris Pensacola 850-595-8351
Medicaid Waiver
Stream Lead Nicole Miller Panama City 850-708-6267
Waiver budgets and notices Yvonne Mayo Panama City 850-708-6265
Waiver liaison Marnie Brazzell Tallahassee 850-922-5495
Waiver liaison Fay Moten Tallahassee 850-922-2364
Waiver liaison Amanda Price Panama City 850-708-6268
Supported Living subsides and disaster plans Bridget Collins Panama City 850-747-5637  
Waiver liaison Janet Herring Tallahassee 850-922-4441
Waiver liaison Rose Salter Pensacola 850-595-8394
Waiver liaison Natasha Broxton Panama City 850-747-5472
Waiver liaison Sibylla Washington Pensacola 850-595-8308
Quality Improvement
Stream Lead Nilda Barreto Tallahassee 850-922-9188
Residential Supervisor Randal Salter Pensacola 850-595-8347
Residential Planning Coordinator Deborah Rancifer Pensacola 850-595-8348
Adminstrative Assistant Florence Black Pensacola 850-595-8322
CMS Reviewer Eunice Leckey Pensacola 850-516-8215
Incident Reporting Coordinator Amy Nelson Marianna 850-718-0561
Provider Enrollment Andrew Pilgrim Tallahassee 850-922-9963
Supported Living Liaison Janet.Goree-Watson Tallahassee 850-932-5359
QA Liaison Christopher Feelings Pensacola 850-595-8325
QA Liaison Sue Herbert Marianna 850-922-7679
QA Liaison Vacant Tallahassee 850-922-9963  
QA Liaison Gregory Kelly Tallahassee 850-922-4306
QA Liaison Latoya Kelso Panama City 850-708-6264
QA Liaison Anna Marie McArthur Pensacola 850-595-8620
Licensing Constance Pace Bartell Pensacola 850-595-8005
Licensing Ebony Mckinney Tallahassee 850-922-7679
Group home liaison Gisela Fisher Pensacola 850-595-8170
Group home liaison Sabrina Parker Panama City 850-872-7652
Group home liaison Zipporah Burgess Tallahassee 850-354-9733
Group home liaison Donna Ross Pensacola 850-595-8345