Programs for Internship

For more information on internship, please contact the Sunland Center HR Department at 850-482-9230.

Internship Procedure

  • The intern will first report to the Human Resources Department at Sunland Center.
    • Receives HR packet/information
  • HR will then notify corresponding department of intern interest.
  • The Intern will then report to Volunteer Services Department at Sunland Center.
    • Signs up as a volunteer
    • Background screening conducted by Volunteer Services
  • Intern reports to Training Department (Depending upon internship site - Sunland Center)

    • Intern will be fingerprinted and outfitted with a special intern badge by Security at the internship site
    • Required Training
  • Intern will then be released to the mentor with whom they will be interning

Social Services

As an intern for Social Services with Sunland Center, you will be provided with a solid foundation for the basic criteria to advance in Social Services.  Under the guidance and leadership of trained professionals, you will be presented with daily opportunities to perform “on the job” related tasks. 
The focus of this experience will include opportunities to:

  • Expand your knowledge about the specifics of the Social Work field and how it relates to your clientele
  • Work closely with other professionals
  • Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings
  • Develop/enhance Case Management skills
  • Provide supportive formal/informal counseling
  • Build Problem solving techniques
  • Complete social histories/psychosocial assessments

Behavioral Services

At Sunland Center, we offer an opportunity for internships and experience that qualifies to sit for the BCBA examination.  This is applied behavior analysis work dealing directly with individuals who are eligible for developmental services over the age of 18 up to their 80’s.  A subset of this population includes individuals with autism. At the Sunland campus, we have three other subsets, namely males who require a secure setting as determined by a judge, a geriatric group, a general non-offender group, and a group who have moved from a secure setting to a non-secure setting.

Special Communications

Students participating in practicum courses or interning in the Rehab Department for Sunland Center are introduced to a variety of experiences in occupational, physical or speech therapy.  We are able to offer contact with residents covering a wide range of ages, varying diagnoses, evaluation needs and therapy modalities.  We also have multiple therapists which allows students to learn from people with differing educational backgrounds and therapy styles.  In addition, because all three disciplines are housed together, students will be able to work in an interdisciplinary team setting learning from each profession.  Our department will work closely with the educational facility to insure that each student receives the most appropriate involvement necessary for the continued development of future therapists.


As a nursing intern for Sunland Center, you would have a wonderful opportunity to gain extensive knowledge in working with persons with developmental disabilities. Sunland Center also offers the opportunity to work with  Geriatrics, and Long Term Care individuals.  Upon an individual’s admission, and throughout their stay, they receive complete medical services to include admission and annual physical exams, EKG’s, lab work, eye exams, dental care, x-rays, psychiatric care, medication, 24 hour, 7 day a week nursing care, access to outside medical specialist as needed, and psychiatric evaluations and services. Sunland Center has a fully functional clinic/doctor’s office with providers seeing patients Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:00pm. As a nursing intern, you will receive training and have the opportunity to provide hands on medical services to the individuals at Sunland Center. The knowledge, skills, and abilities that you take away from your experience will be irreplaceable.  Working with our population of residents is very challenging and rewarding.  Your nursing internship will enhance your education and skills and provide you with professional growth and development you can take with you throughout your nursing career.