PASS Implementation


In accordance with Florida Administrative Rule, Chapter 65G-8, Sunland is required to have a system in place to address resident behaviors that are physically dangerous to self or others. Sunland utilizes Prevention and Safety Strategies (PASS) developed by Tacachale, an APD Developmental Disabilities Center located in Gainesville, Florida.

PASS is similar to the currently utilized system, Professional Crisis Management (PCM). Both meet the requirements of Chapter 65G-8, include strategies that promote appropriate behaviors and emphasize only utilizing the least restrictive alternative. PASS physical intervention techniques are also similar to those within the PCM curriculum, emphasizing safety of the individual with painless techniques and the absence of awkward positioning. The implementation of any prone control technique requires the use of a mat and all physical intervention procedures are discontinued as soon as the individual has calmed.

More specifically, PASS is a certified training system of prescribed strategies to be used in the prevention and management of crisis situations. The three core components of the curriculum are Coaching Tools, Basic Techniques, and Advanced Techniques.

PASS Coaching Tools- Tools used to create environments that promote appropriate behaviors, prevent problem behaviors and properly address problem behaviors when they occur.

  • Stay close/give positive consequences
  • Attention pivot
  • Stop-redirect-give positive consequences
  • Making requests

Basic PASS Techniques- Crisis behavior response block and release techniques.

Advanced PASS Techniques- Vertical and prone physical control techniques which may only be used if less restrictive strategies are not effective to prevent physical harm to the individual or others.

PASS is not a formal component of an individual’s active treatment plan. It is a component of the facility’s service procedures, which support but do not substitute for individualized Applied Behavior Analysis treatment plans. Employees are trained and certified in the PASS system and must complete a recertification course each year.

Upon admission and at least annually thereafter, a licensed medical professional will document any medical conditions or physical limitations that may create a risk to the resident regarding the use of physical control procedures in general or a specific PASS procedure. Any individual exceptions to the use of PASS procedures or physical crisis management techniques will be documented by the Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) in the Individual Program Plan for residents of Sunland Marianna and by Nursing in the Medical Record for residents of DDDP/Chattahoochee. Documented exceptions will be communicated to direct care staff via in-service training.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding Sunland’s use of PASS, please contact us using the Social Services department listed below.

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