About Supported Living


Supported living has emerged as the fastest growing residential option in Florida and across the country. Through supported living arrangements many individuals, even those with severe disabilities, are able to live in their own homes, gain control of their lives and become part of their communities. This site provides an experience in learning about the supported living model and how you can begin to live an everyday life in a home of your own.

What is Supported Living?

Supported living is an opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to choose where, how and with whom they live. People receive personalized supports needed to maintain their own private home. Through supported living, individuals, even people with severe disabilities can receive supports to live in their own homes.

Who is Eligible for Supported Living?

Being capable of living independently or being employed are not prerequisites for supported living.

What Supports and Services are Available?

Each person who participates in supported living may select from a variety of supports to enable them to maintain a home of their own. Examples of services used include:

What are Some of the Responsibilities of a Supported Living Coach?

Activities include assistance with the procurement of housing, financial management and banking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, personal care, personal relationships and community connections to mention few.

Supported living coaching may be initiated up to 90 days prior to moving into the home of your choice.

Supported living coaches must also provide emergency response 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

What is the Rate of Pay for Supported Living Coaches?

Refer to the Home and Community Based Waiver Approved Published Rate table for additional information on rates.

What are the Qualifications for Becoming a Supported Living Coach?

Who Should I Contact to Apply to Become a Supported Living Coach?

Contact the provider enrollment staff in the district where you will be working. You will need to complete Developmental Disabilities Waiver Provider forms and the Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application. The Florida Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application can be found on the Agency for Health Care Administration's Website.

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