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CDC+ is a long-term care program alternative to the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waiver. The program provides the opportunity for individuals to improve the quality of their lives by being empowered to make choices about the supports and services that will meet their long-term care needs and to help them reach their goals.

Enrolling onto CDC+

Thank you for your interest in CDC+! Click below for helpful information and resources for getting started on CDC+. If you have any questions, please contact our CDC+ Helpline at 1-866-761-7043.


  • 2016 W2’s and 1099’s have been mailed

    If your provider filed an exemption form with CDC+ for Notice 2014-7, wages earned prior to the filing of the exemption will show on their W2 or 1099 as taxable income. CDC+ is not a tax professional and cannot assist in filing your IRS income tax return.

    Please refer to the following IRS websites and/or your tax preparer for any questions you may have. More information can be found on page 31 of .

    The Notice 2014-7 is available at IRS website ;

    Related questions and answers are also available at for more information.

    The following IRS website will provide information from IRS Publication 525.

  • 2016 Corrected W-2 Request Form

  • 2016 Duplicate W-2 and 1099 Request Form
  • Updated Training Now Available!
    CDC+ is pleased to announce that updated trainings have been placed on the CDC+ website under the Training and Education tab. For both the New Consumer/Representative Training and the Purchasing Plan Training you will now see the full training as well individual modules, which are short trainings divided by categories. Individual modules were created so that you can select the topic(s) you may be interested in reviewing instead of having to search the full training for that information.

    Whether you are brand new to CDC+ or a seasoned participant having difficulty in a specific area of the program, these updated trainings will be very helpful! We have also posted purchasing tips and Purchasing Plan FAQs.

  • CDC+ is pleased to announce the enrollment of a WSC to provide CDC+ services has been streamlined effective immediately. The process has changed including the required documentation needed to register as a consultant. 
    CDC+ Consultants will no longer be required to obtain a CDC+ contract associated with their solo or agency Medicaid Provider ID. As long as the provider has an active Developmental Disabilities Contract with AHCA and are in good standing with APD, they are eligible to apply to become a CDC+ Consultant. 
    This will: 

    • Decrease the time that it takes for a WSC to be enrolled as a CDC+ Consultant.
    • Increase the number of available CDC+ Consultants in each region.
    • Allow for more choice of Consultants to the Consumer.

    The revised process as well as the forms can be found in the Consultants Resources tab.

  • Could your providers be eligible for a Federal Income Tax exemption on wages earned while employed by you in CDC+?

    On January 3, 2014, the IRS issued Notice 2014-7 addressing the income tax treatment of certain payments to an individual care provider under a state Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (Medicaid waiver) program. For more information including Q & A's please go to: 

    Refer to #10 Question and Answer at the above IRS link to obtain information concerning earlier years that were filed with these payments as Taxable Income.

    CDC+ staff are not tax professionals and do not provide tax guidance to providers about their specific tax filings or exemptions.

    The CDC+ program cannot determine whether or not a provider is eligible for this exemption based upon a single set or even combination of criteria such as service code, relationship to consumer, or live-in status. Providers need to seek the guidance of their tax professional to determine whether or not they are eligible for this exemption. When it has been determined that the provider is eligible for this exemption, the following Exemption Form will need to be completed correctly and returned to Consumer-Directed Care Plus, 4030 Esplanade Way, Suite 215, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950.

    There is no requirement to renew the exemption, however it is the employees responsibility to notify us if there are any changes and they no longer qualify for the exemption.

  • DOL Home Care Rule Effective November 2015

  • Quality Assurance Reviews: The Delmarva Foundation is contracted by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to provide quality assurance for the State's Developmental Disabilities Service system, which includes the Consumer Directed Care Plus program. The review process consists of two major components: Person Centered Reviews (PCR) and Provider Discovery Reviews (PDR). The PCR includes an interview with the CDC+ participant to determine the quality of the participant's service delivery system from the participant's view. The PDR focus is on the consultant and the representative in relation to compliance with standards set forth in the 1915(j) State Plan Amendment. When selected for review, the PCR component is voluntary but the PDR is mandatory. Please refer to the attached two documents for additional important information related to compliance with quality assurance reviews and background screening alerts.

Background Screening Information for CDC+ only

APD has joined a statewide screening database, "The Clearinghouse." The purpose of the Clearinghouse is to provide a single data source for background screening results for persons screened for employment or licensure that provide services to children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The Clearinghouse provides numerous benefits to providers, including long-term reduced costs, email notification of disqualifying offense arrests after initial screening, and alerts when provider rescreening is due, and more up-to-date information. The Clearinghouse allows the results of criminal history checks to be shared among specified state agencies, reducing duplicative screenings for individuals requiring screening across multiple state agencies.

Since CDC+ consumers are the employer of record, consumer/representatives will be required to register in the Clearinghouse to initiate a background screening on their prospective providers and/or rescreening for current providers, and obtain the screening results from the online database. All consumers hiring new providers will be able to use the Clearinghouse. Your current providers will go through this new process at the time of their 5-year rescreening or if they experience a lapse of employment of over 90 days and are required to be screened.

Please go into the Clearinghouse, search for your employee, scroll to the bottom of their Profile in the Clearinghouse, click the button that says, “Add Employment/Contract Record.” Choose the CDC+ consumer’s name in the Provider box, choose Employee/Staff person as their position, and add their hire date. Click Save. Now the Clearinghouse will show that the employee is employed by the CDC+ consumer.

You can access the Background Screening Clearinghouse using this link: .

If you have any questions, please contact CDC+ Customer Service at 866-761-7043.

CDC+ Background Screening Training

Claim Submissions

This is where you are to enter your CDC+ timesheets, invoices, and reimbursement requests