Welcome to APD's Training page. From here you can access various pages for information about training requirements and opportunities. Although specific training is required for providers and some APD employees, these courses are available to everyone—including APD customers and family members. Until the new iBudget Handbook is promulgated, we are continuing to follow the training requirements in the HCBSW Handbook which are noted below. Once the iBudget Handbook is promulgated, this site will be updated with the new requirements. There will be a grace period for staff to come into compliance. We hope this will be helpful to you during this transition and we appreciate your patience.

There are three types of APD trainings: Required Provider Basic Training (applies to all direct care staff), Required Provider Service-Specific Training (applies to direct care staff of specific services), and Required Provider In-Service Training.  Some of these courses are available using web-based training, some are available in a classroom setting and some are available in both settings.  Generally speaking the web-based courses require a fee while the classroom courses from APD are free of charge.

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You can view APD's classroom courses, and register for them, on the agency's new training calendars. Courses listed in the Required Training Calendar are required by a waiver handbook, the Florida Administrative Code, Florida Statutes or federal law. The In-Service Training Calendar lists a variety of classroom training sessions, some of which may be taken to meet the annual in-service requirements of the waiver handbook.  Additionally the organizations listed on the link below (web-based courses) may also provide courses that would meet the annual in-service requirements.  If in doubt as to whether a course would count or not, please contact your regional trainer or quality assurance leader.

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Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse (CLH)

Training Helpdesks

AHCA’s website includes several informational resources concerning managed care including YouTube presentations, AHCA alerts, and webinars. All customers, providers, and other stakeholders can use this information to educate themselves about how managed care may affect their services.