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Announcements: The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has implemented a new Medicaid Provider Enrollment Process July 1, 2013. All new providers are now required to obtain a Medicaid Provider ID online by applying through Medicaid’s Provider Portal Online Enrollment Wizard. Current APD providers do not have to re-apply. Please see the steps below to complete an application with APD and Medicaid.

Below are step by step instructions on the new Medicaid Provider Enrollment Process:  

  1. Print and complete the APD Provider Enrollment application.
  2. Submit your APD Provider Enrollment application to your local APD office.
  3. Your local APD office will review the complete application and affix an APD date stamp.
    1. You may begin the Medicaid provider enrollment process at this point. Please visit the AHCA Website to begin your Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application.
    2. If your application is incomplete, the APD Enrollment Specialist will return your application to you.
  4. If APD deems you eligible for service provision for APD’s waiver individuals, they will send you a draft version of the APD Service Listing Letter.
    1. You will use this letter to submit to Medicaid as documentation that APD found you eligible to be a waiver provider.
  5. Once you are successfully enrolled with Medicaid, you will bring your AHCA Welcome Letter to your local APD Office to finalize your enrollment process as a provider.

Provider Enrollment Documents

Links with relevant information for provider enrollment: