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The agency's most popular publications in downloadable PDF documents.

  • APD Cares
    A brief summary of the services provided by APD through waiver programs in the community and in two centers in Florida. Includes contact info for the centers and APD's 6 regional offices.
  • Billy Joe Rish Park
    Information about APD's park on the Gulf of Mexico for persons with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.
  • CDC+
    An introduction to Florida's Consumer-Directed Care Plus program, which gives waiver recipients more freedom in making choices.
  • Decision-Making Options
    An overview of the ways that people with disabilities can get help with making decisions, including legally-recognized representatives and less-restrictive options.
  • Supported Employment - Invest in your Future
    Supported Employment can help APD customers get and keep jobs in the community.
  • Better Your Bottom Line
    Hiring employees with disabilities is good for business.
  • Fight Medicaid Fraud
    The Agency for Persons with Disabilities does not tolerate fraud. Learn more about Medicaid fraud.
  • Guide to Services
    An overview of the supports and services that APD provides through the waiver-tier program.
  • Hawkins Recreational Park
    Information about APD's park on Round Pen Bayou near Milton for persons with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.
  • Keeping Your Disability Benefits While Working
    Information on how to keep benefits while you are employed.
  • Manners that Matter
    An etiquette guide for interacting with people with disabilities.
  • The QSI and You
    What you need to know about APD's Questionnaire for Situational Information (QSI).
  • Supported Living: Opportunities & Choices
    An introduction to supported living, a service that enables people with developmental disabilities to receive services in their own homes and communities.
  • What to Expect from Your Job Coach
    An APD job coach assists people with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain employment by matching skills and interests.
  • Zero Tolerance
    A description of APD's program to end the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disabilities. It provides information on what you can do to prevent these crimes.

Las publicaciones más populares de la agencia de documentos downloadable del pdf.

  • Bienvenido a iBudget Florida
    La versión en línea de la publicación proporcionó a los clientes de APD que transitioning al nuevo programa
  • Combata el fraude de Medicaid
    la Agencia para Personas Incapacitadas (APD) no tolera el fraude

  • ¡Libertad en su futuro!
    Una introducción al programa Cuidado Plus Dirigido por el Consumidor de Florida

  • Buenos modales que importan
    Una guía de buenos modales para interactuar con personas con discapacidades

  • Asistencia en Florida
    Para discapacidades deldessarrollo

  • Vamos a Rish Park
    Un area recreativa sin barreras Para personas con discapacidades

  • Opciones Para Tomar Decisiones
    Explorando formas para que las personas con discapacidades puedan obtener ayuda para tomar decisiones

  • Guía de Servicios
  • El QSI y usted
    Lo que usted necesita saber sobre el Cuestionario de Información sobre la Situación (Questionnaire for Situational Information o QSI)

  • iBudget Florida
    Presupuestos individualizados para aquellosque son atendidos mediante la exención Medicaid para discapacidades del desarrollo de APD

Les publications les plus populaires de l'agence dans les documents downloadable de pdf.

  • N ap Sèvi Moun Florida
    Ajans pou Andikap Devlopmantal (Agency for Persons with Disabilities, APD) travay nan yon patenarya ak òganizasyon lokal pou soutni moun ki gen andikap devlopmantal yo pou viv, aprann, ak travay nan kominote yo.

  • Ann Ale nan Rish Park
    Pak Rekreyasyon Billy Joe Rish se plizyè kawo tè ak sab blan ki kouvri ak yon lè ki santi bon ak yon bèl dlo ble.

  • Gid Sèvis Egzanpsyon iBudget Florida
    Sèvis Pou Rezidan Florida ak Andikap Devlopmantal

  • Libète Nan Demen Ou!
    Yon entwodiksyon sou pwogram Swen Kliyan Dirije Florida Plis (Florida’s Consumer-Directed Care Plus)

  • Konpòtman ki Enpòtan
    Yon gid etikèt sou jan pou aji ak moun ak andikap

  • iBudget Florida
    Bidjè Pèsonèl pou Moun Ki Jwenn Sèvis nan Pwogram APD Genyen pou Dispans Medicaid pou Andikap nan Devlòpman

  • lit/goumen Medicaid Fwòd
    Fwòd nan Medicaid se yon krim. Pa kite yo reyisi fè sa.