Facility Visitation Information

Visitation between facility residents and their approved visitors is encouraged. The resident or his/her Legal Representative may also designate an essential caregiver who will be allowed at least two hours of daily visitation. Below are the terms and conditions that must be followed to help ensure a safe and successful visitation.

  1. All facility visits must be scheduled in advance unless otherwise approved by the Facility Superintendent/Center Administrator or designee.
  2. Visiting hours are daily from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise approved by Facility Superintendent/Center Administrator or designee.
  3. Visitors shall complete a screening questionnaire prior to entering the facility. Any visitors who have active symptoms or a positive test for an infectious illness, shall not enter the facility and the visitation will be rescheduled.
  4. Visitors shall receive information on and shall follow all current facility infection control measures and personal protective equipment requirements, including proper hand hygiene, wearing face coverings or masks (covering the mouth and nose) while indoors, and physical distancing at least six feet from other residents or facility staff.
  5. The facility shall provide any required personal protective equipment, upon request.
  6. On-site visitation shall take place in a location designated by the facility.
  7. Physical contact between the visitor and resident is allowed unless the resident objects.
  8. Staff may be present during the visit based on the resident's needs.
  9. Visitors shall report to the residential home staff any notable events that occurred to the resident during the visit (i.e., falls, seizures, illness, bruises, scratches, etc.).

Facility Visitation Terms and Conditions

Facility Visitation Operating Procedures