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Mental Health

APD is committed to improving the support we provide to our clients (and their families) who may be enduring mental health difficulties or struggling with life stressors.

Many individuals with developmental disabilities also have comorbid psychological diagnoses, sometimes occurring at even higher rates than the general population.  Large scale studies indicate that people with developmental disabilities are three to six times more likely to develop a mental health disorder than other people, while psychotic disorder and mood disorders were three times more likely to occur in those with developmental disabilities than the general population.

Caregivers also struggle with the stress of providing care and trying to find services that will meet their loved one’s needs. In these challenging times, it may seem difficult to seek mental health services due to stigma or feelings of hopelessness.

There is help available to you.  We hope that you will find this information useful.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

APD is committed to improving the support we provide to our clients (and their families) who may be contemplating or have attempted suicide. The most vital difference we can make through our work is to save lives. We hope to make suicide a “never event.” To some this may sound audacious, but simply put, one life lost to suicide is one too many.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Resources

Dual Diagnosis

While having a developmental disability was once thought to be a protective factor against suicide and mental illness, we now know that that notion is not true. Individuals with disabilities endure stigma, trauma, stress, and isolation just as much or more so than the general population. Some people with disabilities are not able to fully communicate their needs or emotional states and may act out behaviorally instead.

Dual Diagnosis Resources