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Welcome to APD's Training page. APD is committed to providing a pleasant and rewarding TRAIN Florida learning experience. We are currently updating our web pages and anticipate a August 6, 2021 completion date. When completed APD will implement a cohesive APD training network, where the providers, the regional offices and central office work as training partners.

Pursuant to Rule 65G-10.005(5), Florida Administrative Code, support coordinators may receive in-service training credits by attending seminars, workshops, home study courses, and webinars, that meet the requirements of section 65G-10.005(2). These courses may be presented by other government agencies, certification organizations that specialize in case management, or other professional organizations. Some of these organizations include:

The Support Coordination In-Service Training form must be completed by the Waiver Support Coordinator/Consultant and maintained in his or her file for in-service credit pursuant to chapter 65G-10, F.A.C.

Per F.A.C. 65G-14.0043(10), attached is the Certification of Mentoring Program Completion form to be completed by the WSC mentee and mentor:

TRAIN Florida

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Provider Learner Accounts

Effective July 1, 2021, and until further notice, APD Providers are no longer required to submit the TRAIN Florida account creation spreadsheet. APD Providers can use these instructions to create their TRAIN Florida learner account.

Before you get stated, all providers are required to read and adhere to Provider Advisory 2021-013 TRAIN Florida Accounts for Providers.

Provider Learner Account Rosters

Providers can use these instructions to verify if the staff or new hire has a TRAIN Florida account.

  1. Login to TRAIN Florida
  2. Locate Hot Topics
  3. Click on the APD Provider Staff Roster link
  4. Next page, click APD Provider Staff Roster link
  5. Select your region

APD Trainings

The APD required courses for FY21-22, will be available on August 6, 2021. All APD required courses registration for FY20-21 must be completed by midnight on August 5, 2021.

APD Required Courses

All Providers must comply with the APD Basic Required Trainings by completing: 1). Direct Care Core Competency (once), 2). Zero Tolerance (every three-years), and 3). APD HIPAA training (annually).

Below are the links to the APD Training Plans. Click on the link and you will be re-directed to the TRAIN Florida Login Page.  Once you sign in, you will be on the APD Training Plan page.

APD Provider Training Blogs

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