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CONTACT: Melanie Mowry Etters
Communication Director

Acosta Helps Publix Shoppers

By Zoe Linafelt

MIAMI – Guillermo Acosta is working two jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the summer of 2020, his job coach helped him find a job at Publix Supermarket #223 at South Dixie Highway. Acosta works there part-time as a Front Service Clerk for the Customer Service Department. While he greets customers, bags groceries, unloads carts for customers, and returns carts from the parking lot, he also sanitizes the carts to make sure each shopper has a safe experience.

He has a second job at YouFit Gym. When asked why Acosta likes to work two jobs, he said, “to keep myself busy.” He also likes working to make money and is saving up to contribute as his family builds an addition onto the house for him to have his own living and dining area.

“Guillermo is very sweet, and he’s willing to do anything,” said Customer Service Manager Tanya Gomez. “He shows the same qualities we ask for in all Publix associates: good customer service and a positive outlook.”

When he first started at Publix, he had to learn how to do multiple activities during his shift, instead of doing one activity over and over. Like any new associate, he had to practice and remember to be patient with himself. He has now overcome that challenge and is able to transition from task to task much better. As Acosta put it, “The bagging, that’s difficult for me, and now I have the hang of it.”

He has made friends with his coworkers, who made sure he was celebrated on his birthday. In his free time, Acosta enjoys watching TV shows, playing NBA video games on his PlayStation, and going to the movies. He is a graduate of a culinary program where he learned baking skills.

He is proud to be able to help customers every step of the way. Even during the pandemic, he has continued working at both jobs as much as possible. He hopes to work more hours soon. His advice for someone who has a disability and is employed is to “work hard.” Acosta is a shining example of commitment and dedication.

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