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CONTACT: Melanie Mowry Etters
Communication Director

Everyone Knows Patty at Publix

By Tim Brown

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – For more than 13 years, customers at the local Publix supermarket have enjoyed having their groceries bagged by Patricia “Patty” Bradley. She is known for her warm personality, greeting everyone with a smile and occasionally a hug. “I like to be here all day. I love helping people, bagging, and taking groceries,” Bradley said.

Bradley works at Publix from two to four days a week, bagging and helping customers load groceries, and gathering carts in the parking lot. She lives nearby in her own condo and enjoys walking to work, considering it part of her daily exercise routine.

Store Manager Doug Hill says once on the job, Bradley puts her customer service skills to work, which he says she has down to a science. “Some customers request Patty bag for them. She's developed strong friendships with many of the customers. She separates things, bags according to their wishes, and offers to take them to the car.”

Job Coach Kim Green says in addition to Bradley's warm personality, she has many other skills that help her succeed. “She's an organizer. She's very neat. She doesn't like to see things out of place. It helps her on her job with bagging groceries.”

“We look forward to her coming to work every day. Publix takes pride in hiring people from all different walks of life and abilities and that's what makes our company strong,” Hill said.

In her spare time, Bradley enjoys shopping at the mall and walking around Cranes Roost Park.

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