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Communication Director

Cleaning Up at the Car Wash

By Tim Brown

Prime Car Wash is a state-of-the-art, full- service facility providing interior, exterior, and detailing services for all types of vehicles. One of the most important jobs belongs to Laundry Manager Bryce Topol. His duties include washing, folding, and drying towels. He makes sure clean towels are properly distributed to the car wash bays.

“I love working at Prime Car Wash. My coworkers and the customers make this job so fun and enjoyable,” Topol said.

Topol began working at the car wash in 2018. Due to his success on the job, his employer has since added hand drying and basic vehicle detailing to his duties

“Bryce’s job is essential to the flow of the car wash because you can’t wash cars without towels,” Manager Brandyn Bosch said. “He takes great pride in cleaning them and keeping the operation running smoothly.”

“Bryce has been a model employee. He brings a positive attitude every day, boosting staff morale. Everyone at Prime looks forward to seeing Bryce,” Owner Zac Bruker said.

Topal currently works four days a week, five hours a day. He is normally scheduled during busy periods, such as weekends.

Along with excellent customer service, Prime Car Wash management is committed to inclusion, hiring a diverse staff, and understanding everyone comes from different walks of life. Topol has proven to be one of their best employees, showing up an hour early every day, never missing days, and requiring little supervision.

“That was a big thing of bringing Bryce in, not only proving to himself that he can do it but proving to us that if he can work this hard, so can everybody else,” Bosch said. “The team loves having him. He really just puts a smile on everybody’s faces.”

Topol lives independently and, because his home is close to work, he can almost always take his bicycle to work.

Topol is currently working towards his GED diploma. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, flag football, and bowling with Prime employees. He loves the Jacksonville Jaguars and is an athlete in the Florida Special Olympics.