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Applying to be an APD Provider

  • Step 1. Submit a Request for the Background Screening Clearinghouse to APD.
    (Note: after receipt, processing could take up to 10 business days)

  • Step 2. After 10 business days, create user account on the Clearinghouse Results Website AHCA Portal Login.

    Click here for User Registration Guide
    IMPORTANT: Make note of email and password, this email will be used for all user account and background screening notifications.

    Agency Providers:

    a. Only the user responsible for handling background screening for the APD application should create an account.
    b. Each individual employed by the Provider requiring a background screening does NOT need to create a user account
  • Step 3. APD Provider Type:

    APD General - Providers (MW, Solo, Other)

    APD CDC - CDC+ Program Only

  • Step 4. Email Notification will be sent to the address on file in the Clearinghouse once User Registration Agreement is approved or denied. (Note: Check your spam folder)

  • Step 5. After Agreement is approved, log into the Clearinghouse Results Website

  • Step 6. Begin using the Clearinghouse Results Portal. It is required that each screening be initiated through the Clearinghouse prior to applicant being fingerprinted.

    Click here for the Clearinghouse Results Website Instruction Guide with helpful step by step instructions.

    Out of State applicants: The Livescan Service Provider Fieldprint has many locations outside of Florida with Livescan and photo capability to have the screening entered into the Clearinghouse. Please visit Fieldprint for the nearest location: Fieldprint Florida.

  • Step 7. Once eligible for "APD General", Click Here to complete the APD Provider Enrollment process. Please note: background screening is just one part of the serivce application process.

    Agency Providers note: Once an APD Provider, it is required to add employment history for all eligible personnel in the Clearinghouse on the employee roster.