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APD Provider Account Creation Requirements

APD Providers are required to enter accurate provider information into the learner account profile. APD designated staff will monitor account creations daily and APD reserves the right to notify providers to correct accounts containing inaccurate provider information or group assignment. The provider shall immediately update the account. This will impact the provider’s Qlarant Review.

APD Required Courses

The APD required courses for FY20-21, will be available until midnight on August 5, 2021. Starting on August 6, 2021, APD required courses for FY21-22 will auto-complete in TRAIN Florida upon viewing the presentation in its entirety.

It is expected that all providers, perspective employees and independent contractors review the iBudget Handbook training requirements for APD required courses in its entirety. Noncompliance will be reported, and appropriate action taken.

Upcoming APD Training Courses in TRAIN Florida

APD is proud to announce the addition of new courses in TRAIN Florida.  They are scheduled to be released in the Fall 2021.

  • APD HIPAA training for Providers – This course will be available in TRAIN Florida
  • Requirements for All Wavier Providers
  • Incident Management Reporting
  • iConnect Training
  • APD ICA Assessor training
  • Supportive Living
  • Supportive Employment

Please do not contact the Public Health Foundation (PHF) or the Florida Department of Health regarding TRAIN Florida website questions. They will not respond to your emails or telephone calls.

Last Update: 7/1/2021