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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

CDC+’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system complies with the federally mandated 21st Century Cures Act’s requirement for certain providers of in-home services to log their visits through a tracking application and for consumers/Representatives to check these visits for accuracy. More information about the Cures Act can be found here.

Providers of Personal Care Assistance (PCA), In-Home Supports (HIS), and Respite—both day (RSPD) and hour (RSPH)—who do not meet the Department of Labor definition of a live-in provider are required to participate. See page 56 of the How-to Guide for additional information about live-in status.

***UPDATE*** Beginning January 1, 2023, providers of Private Duty Nursing/LPN, Private Duty Nursing/RN, Skilled Nurse/LPN, and Skilled Nurse/RN will be required to use EVV.

Username and password information is mailed to providers and consumers/Representatives in the following fashion:

  • Consultants are mailed passwords for their Consumers/Representatives.
  • Consumers/Representatives are mailed their username and the passwords for their providers.
  • Consumers/Representatives need to contact their Consultant to obtain their password.
  • Directly-hired Employees, Independent Contractors and Agency/Vendors with only one employee who provide services to the consumer are mailed their usernames and must contact their consumers/Representatives for their passwords.
  • Agency/Vendors with more than one employee who may provide services to a consumer are mailed all necessary credential information. Consultants and representatives will not receive these A/V’s EVV information.

CDC+ monitors for new consumers/Representatives and new providers and mail out credential information twice a week. Approved new providers do not have to wait until they receive their usernames/passwords to begin performing services.

The EVV system does not replace CDC+’s current timesheet or invoice requirements.

How to Download CDC+ EVV Application

 Apple Devices  Android Devices

 Download the app here

 Download the app here

 Access training information

 Access training information

*******IMPORTANT NOTE******* These EVV applications are for providers ONLY. Representatives must log in at Representative EVV credentials will not work on the downloaded applications.

Apple Devices

  • Providers with Apple (iOS) smartphones or tablets may download the application from the Apple Store here.
  • Click here for training information, including download instructions, for Apple users.

Android Devices

  • Providers with Android smartphones or tablets may download the application from the Google Play Store here.
  • Click here for training information, including download instructions, for Android users.

Training and Instructions for Providers

Training material about the web-based management application for both Apple and Android users is available here.

For tutorial information with step-by-step instructions, open the CDC+ EVV application on any device and go to Settings.

Alternatively, providers with no ready access to a device with the EVV application may call the CDC+ EVV IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone system at 1-877-336-4579 to log their visits using their IVR user ID and PIN. Note: the IVR user ID and PIN are not the same as a provider’s username and password.

Consumer/Representative Resources

All CDC+ consumers/Representatives with providers using EVV MUST verify each visit through a web portal provided by Mains’l at (Exception: Agency/Vendor providers with more than one employee will verify their own shift information.)

Click here for information on how to use this verification web portal.

EVV Representative Training

Agency/Vendor EVV Resources

Please review the below presentation and tutorial for information on navigating the Mains’l web application ( for Agency/Vendor administrators.

If you have a question or are having difficulty, please send an email including a detailed description of the issue to Please include “A/V” in the subject line.

CDC+ Agency/Vendor Presentation
Mains’l Tutorial for Agency/Vendor Administrators

CDC+ EVV Training

Every Wednesday through April 1 at 10 am, CDC+ will host a short training session to answer questions about EVV and show users how to find navigation resources. Please join if you have questions about EVV.

Please click on the link below to join the CDC+ EVV training. Note: no password or registration is required to attend the training.

Additional Information

If you did not receive your EVV credential letter or cannot log in, please email Please include detailed information about the problem you’re having to help us resolve the issue.

Having Trouble Logging In?