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CDC+ Consultant Forms

These forms are for the sole use of the consultant.

Document Description
Steps to Becoming a Consultant Tells you everything you need to know to become a consultant for CDC+.
Consultant Registration Checklist
This form is the cover sheet for the package you must complete to become authorized to provide consultant services and to be added to the CDC+ Consultant Registry so you can be selected by CDC+ participants to be their consultant.
Consultant Memorandum of Agreement The Memorandum of Agreement is a written agreement between the APD area office and each consultant or consultant agency. The agreement sets forth the responsibilities of the consultant or consultant agency for the CDC+ Program.
Consultant Registration Form - Solo Practitioner Use this registration form if you are a solo practitioner. If you work for an agency and are the only WSC with that agency who is also a consultant, you must register as a solo practitioner. When a second WSC completes consultant training and registers as a consultant, you complete a Consultant Registration Update form and change from solo to agency-affiliated.
Consultant Registration Form - Agency Affiliated Use this registration form if you work for an agency.
Consultant Information Update Form Use this form to change any information on your original registration form.
CDC+ Participant Review Form Complete this form each month to document your required monthly contacts with your CDC+ Participants or their Representatives.
CDC+ Application Enrollment Process Use these procedures when submitting an Application and Enrollment Packet for New Starts.
Participant Information Update form Complete this form for updates to participant information.