Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

All residents admitted to Sunland Center will have their information treated as confidential and will have the right to request restrictions on how their confidential information is used or disclosed.


All residents admitted to Sunland Center shall have a medical record or clinical record that is privileged and confidential and will be maintained in a secure and private manner. Other resident protected health information not contained in the medical record shall also be maintained in a privileged and confidential manner. This confidential status shall not be lost by unauthorized disclosure to any person, organization, or agency. Residents may request restrictions on how their protected health information is used or disclosed. Sunland Center will provide an accounting of any disclosures made outside Sunland. The medical record is the property of Sunland and is maintained for the benefit of the resident and the Sunland medical staff.

ACCOUNTING OF DISCLOSURES:   Sunland shall maintain a disclosure log of any disclosures of the medical record or protected health information made outside the area of treatment, payment, or operation, where there is no valid authorization to release this information from either the resident or their legal guardian or parent if the resident is a minor, unless release of the information is required by law. Sunland Center will maintain a disclosure log for each unit, and any disclosure made outside the Center will need valid consent.