APD iConnect System Enhancements and Updates

August 2021

August 19 Updates
APD Staff & Providers

  • This enhancement changes the worker search functionality when adding a supervisor to a worker, limiting search results to worker of the provider conducting the search.

August 5 Updates
APD Staff & WSCs

  • This enhancement makes consumer name, SSN, and DOB read only for WSCs. If WSCs need to make changes, they should contact their waiver liaison and provide documentation to support the change.

July 2021

July 15 Updates
APD Staff & WSCs

  • This enhancement updates the WSC SAN Assessment screen design as well as deactivates unnecessary questions on the State SAN Assessment.
  • This enhancement makes the WSC field required on SAN Details.
All Users
  • The issues with GPS tracking in the EVV mobile site have been corrected.
  • The issue with the rounding of units on PS/Respite Day services has been corrected.

July 1 Updates
APD Staff & WSCs

  • This enhancement deploys the Ethical Violation screen design and note type, required for SB-82 implementation.

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