APD iConnect System Enhancements and Updates

June 2021

June 3 Updates
APD Staff & WSCs

  • The WSC field will no longer display the logged-in user on SAN Details.
  • The "Period of Time" field on SAN Details will now only be visible for WSCs/CDC+ Consultants when SAN type is Temporary.

All Users

  • This enhancement created a new note type for WSCs and providers to attach supporting documentation for services. The note type is "Service Provider Supporting Documentation" and can be used when attachments are referenced in Provider Documentation records.


  • The note field on the Provider Documentation record will be shown and read-only so that WSCs can monitor waiver service delivery for consumers on their caseload.

May 2021

May 27 Updates
APD Staff & WSCs

  • The fiscal year is now visible on Plan Details, SAN Details, Consumer Budgets, Linked Plans, and Link To Plans. As WSCs edit Plans, they will need to select the fiscal year, so they can see it on SANs, Budgets, and Linked Plans. Remember, in APD iConnect the fiscal year is represented by the calendar year when the fiscal year ends. For fiscal year 2020-2021, use 2021. For fiscal year 2021-2022, use 2022.

May 6 Updates
All Users

  • A new note type has been deployed for WSCs and providers to use when attaching incident reports.

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