APD iConnect System Enhancements and Updates

Please note: The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) has identified an issue with the improper naming of files in APD iConnect. Users will receive an error message in APD iConnect when trying to open a file that uses special punctuation or special characters in the file name. We ask that when attaching a file in APD iConnect, please do not include any punctuation or special characters in the name of the file. This will ensure the file can be opened and viewed by other APD iConnect users, including Qlarant.

APD iConnect was recently updated to include an option for WSC Progress Notes to be identified as a non-billable contact progress note. Although the new option appears in the Progress Note drop down menu, more configuration changes need to be completed before it can be used. Please do not use this option until further notice.

May 2022

May 12 Updates
APD Staff/WSCs

  • This enhancement adds iConnect ID and FY to Pending Plans Queue.

APD Staff/Providers

  • This fix makes the "Support Plan Provider Copy" Note visible from the list view grid.


  • This fix updates the APD Health & Safety Checklist word merge template.

April 2022

April 13 Updates
APD Staff/WSCs

  • This enhancement allows Service Provider and EVV Manager roles to reverse status and delete Provider Documentation and/or EVV Activities. WSCs and providers will no long need to submit help desk tickets for these actions.


  • This enhancement allows WSCs to cancel create cost plan ticklers that are triggered after the date of deployment, if the cost plan is created without use of the tickler. NOTE: this change does not impact ticklers already showing on the WSC's My Dashboard.

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