APD iConnect System Enhancements and Updates

September 2020

September 17 Updates
WSCs and APD Staff

  • The status of the Planned Service is now displayed in the list view grid.
  • An issue where plans incorrectly failed validation for exceeding maximum units per or maximum amount has been resolved.
  • When a SAN has been reviewed and returned to the WSC due to errors or omissions and the WSC does not respond within the designated timeframe, a new SAN status called "Closed Incomplete" is displayed.
  • The ratio for SAN Services on the list view grid is now visible.

September 10 Updates
WSCs and APD Staff

  • An issue causing plan validation to fail for transportation has been resolved.
  • An update was made to ensure the rate on a planned service will not be $0.00.
  • Planned services will now only include whole units instead of partial units.

August 2020

August 20 Updates
WSCs and APD Staff

  • The fields on the Edit Consumer Demographics page have been edited to clarify that all pages under Demographics are specific to the consumer and not the legal representative.
  • The SAN status called "Returned to State" has been changed to "Corrections Made."

August 13 Updates

  • The character limit has been increased for the following fields on the Person-Centered Support Plan:
    • My current day-to-day life
    • My interests, talents, abilities, strengths, preferences, and skills
    • Things I would like to change
    • Things I want to stay the same
    • Important aspects from my personal history
    • How I communicate and make choices and decisions
    • My accomplishments last year
    • What I want in the next few years
    • Important health history about me
    • Allergies
    • My critical health follow-up areas and preventative health plan
  • A correction has been made so that authorizations no longer auto-terminate if a WSC accidentally updates all authorizations instead of specific ones for updated planned services.

August 6 Updates
WSCs & APD Staff

  • The statuses of all diagnosis records have been changed to Complete. All medical and mental health diagnoses are housed on the Forms tab of the consumer's record.


  • A new required field called Annualized Units has been added to planned services.

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