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The resources provided on in this library are for ALL users of APD iConnect to learn how to navigate and understand general functionalities available in iConnect.


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APD iConnect is currently releasing courses for Waiver Support Coordinators and providers in TRAIN Florida. Course titles and course numbers are listed in the TRAIN Florida Courses Spreadsheet link below. The course matrix is broken down into required prerequisites for all APD iConnect Users, additional required courses for agency owners/solo providers, and courses required for specific services.

Existing providers will continue to be invited to live training sessions during the APD iConnect implementation, as new services go live. The prerequisite courses available in TRAIN Florida, must be taken before attending a live training session, as the information is critical to your successful completion of the live training session.

New providers who enroll for a service that is already live in APD iConnect, will completed all of their training in TRAIN Florida. Completion of training is required before access to APD iConnect can be granted.

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