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Waiver Support Coordinators

Disaster Planning

Everyone must have a disaster plan. For family home clients, if we mark Yes, we need to know what kind of Disaster Plan we are required to have. “Disaster” can be anything and everything. If we mark No, we can equally face repercussions since WSCs need to assess risks. Can a Disaster/Risk Checklist be added to the document since it should be part of the Support Plan?

  • APD recommends developing a disaster plan for each of the individuals you serve and updating it annually. A suggested format can be found at this link. The Personal Disaster Plan is a suggested format developed with input from WSCs who attended the 2017 WSC Statewide Conference. This plan was developed for people who live in the family home, supported living environment, and people who live in a licensed residential facility. This plan does not supersede or take the place of the group home disaster plan.

    We encourage WSCs to take time to review each section of the suggested personal disaster plan with the individuals on their caseload. Each section indicates steps that should be taken, or decisions that might need to be made in the event of an emergency, whether the person stays in their home, evacuates, or goes to a shelter or medical facility for safety. The suggested personal disaster plan also provides a link to county emergency management websites and identifies items that should be included in a “Go Kit.” On the Support Plan, the WSC is indicating whether they have a Personal Disaster Plan and the date it was last completed/updated.

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