APD iConnect FAQ

Waiver Support Coordinators


  1. As agency head, I will be the only one to use APD iConnect. Will I use worker role or service provider role for billing and case notes?
  2. Can several employees have the same access/rights to APD iConnect?
  3. Will providers be able to request multiple logins for various management staff?
  4. Will there be different usernames and passwords for employees and billing agents?
  5. When a new WSC is hired, how will they get access to APD iConnect?
  6. How will providers other than WSCs be brought on to use APD iConnect?


  1. How do I get more guidance about AIM auto-calculation?

Approval Process

  1. Can everything be left in draft status before approval if needed?


  1. In case of emergency, how do we authorize an increase for a specific month or week?
  2. Is there a way to print all authorizations at one time or do they need to be printed by the individual client?
  3. Does the WSC still have to provide service authorizations to the providers?
  4. Will providers be able to get authorizations as soon as WSCs begin generating them in APD iConnect?
  5. Regarding new authorizations that have multiple services on one authorization, what if some services start and end on different dates?
  6. Will we still need to print service authorizations or can we download and save them electronically? How long will service authorizations be kept on APD iConnect?
  7. For large agencies that provide many services, will we be able to print approved service authorizations as a big batch or will this be required to be done by an individual?

Behavior Documentation

  1. Can you copy and paste graphs into the notes section under provider documentation? As a behavior provider, we're required to report our data via graphic display.


  1. What about monthly billing, quarterly summary, and minimum requirements for daily attendance logs, etc.?
  2. What if there is an error when filling out information for billing?
  3. When providers enter data, is that information transferred directly for billing?
  4. Will there be any billing through the FMMIS web portal?
  5. Will there be a gradual roll-out with billing to make sure APD iConnect can process the amount?
  6. Will WSC agencies be able to submit claims for all WSCs in their agency, or will each WSC submit their own billing?
  7. Will WSCs and providers have to submit a progress/service note prior to billing?
  8. Will WSCs and providers continue to have access to FMMIS? If not, how will providers/WSCs be notified if Medicaid eligibility is interrupted?
  9. Will providers still be able to have a billing agent outside of their agency to handle the monthly invoice billing? How much access will a billing person have to APD iConnect?
  10. How will billing problems be resolved?
  11. Will providers be able to print out the report for billing once it’s submitted?
  12. Will APD iConnect indicate how often we can bill once our wave is rolled out? For example, as a service provider, will we be able to bill weekly or every two weeks?
  13. Are billing agents going to be needed after billing is in APD iConnect?
  14. On FMMIS we can get reports; can we do that on APD iConnect also?
  15. Will there be a checklist for claims?
  16. Will all calculation fields automatically be calculated (number of units based on start/end time, rate, total billed, etc.)?
  17. Will all the service limitations be included and verified (e.g., supported living, max per day 24 qhs)?
  18. What is the processing time for claims?
  19. Can WSCs batch their claims?


  1. Once all providers have access to APD iConnect, will WSCs be able to email providers through APD iConnect?
  2. Will the WSC receive alerts when a request is sent?

Cost Plans

  1. Will we be able to move funds within a Cost Plan?
  2. Is there any way that a WSC can have the ability to move funds from one sibling to another that has unused funds or from other individuals that have funds that have not been used within the WSC case load to stop requesting additional funds from the State of Florida?
  3. Will support coordinators be able to accomplish all their required tasks without having to use APD iConnect to upload?

Data Integrity

  1. Will consumers and families have access to WSC case notes?
  2. Who is responsible for keeping the information accurate in the consumer record?
  3. How will APD safeguard against system failures? Will there be a backup?
  4. Will APD iConnect eliminate iBudget, ABC, and the QSI?
  5. At the time of APD iConnect implementation, will the WSC be responsible for entering consumer information into iConnect?

Disaster Planning

  1. If a hurricane or other event causes a power/internet outage, will there be a timeline and process for updating APD iConnect (paper document upload, etc.?)
  2. Everyone must have a disaster plan. For family home clients, if we mark Yes, we need to know what kind of Disaster Plan we are required to have. “Disaster” can be anything and everything. If we mark No, we can equally face repercussions since WSCs need to assess risks. Can a Disaster/Risk Checklist be added to the document since it should be part of the Support Plan?


  1. Can a WSC copy an email from APD and add it in APD iConnect (contact by email)?
  2. Are we going to need to carry a laptop with us when we visit?
  3. When can we start using the new support plan format?
  4. Are we going to have extra time to upload the support plans?
  5. Are other providers and/or parents able to change or add a support plan?
  6. Once the notes are scanned/uploaded to APD iConnect, can the notes be edited later?
  7. Is there the capability of scanning and attaching Guardianship paperwork, IEP, Provider referrals, etc. in APD iConnect to cut down on paperwork?
  8. Will the level of care letters or documents qualifying the consumer for services be in APD iConnect?
  9. Will QSI assessors review the support plan in APD iConnect?
  10. Will WSCs enter their case notes directly in APD iConnect?
  11. Will all logs, notes, quarterlies, and annuals be in same format? Should providers discontinue use of their forms?
  12. Will State Plan-provided/funded services be identified in APD iConnect?
  13. Will the HCBS Waiver Eligibility Worksheet be uploaded?
  14. If WSCs will no longer update ABC, where will employment information be captured/updated?
  15. When a WSC or provider enters data into a screen/form in APD iConnect, can anyone change it?
  16. Can we scan documents like Medicaid eligibility and quarterly forms that require signatures into APD iConnect?
  17. How will data go into APD iConnect for required forms? For example, will WSCs be required to enter the data directly into the form, or can they attach a document and upload it instead of adding the data directly into the form?
  18. Why is there a print function? Are providers supposed to print a copy of documentation and keep a hard copy on hand at the agency?
  19. Once APD iConnect is rolled out, will providers be required to keep a hard copy of consumer files and notes?
  20. If the agency owner completes quarterlies, will they be able to complete that within APD iConnect instead of the manager?
  21. Why is there a print function? Are providers supposed to print a copy of documentation and keep a hard copy on hand at the agency?
  22. Do providers have to send or deliver monthly documentation to WSCs, or will they be able to print out notes from the APD iConnect system when all is online?
  23. Can staff that hand-writes notes scan and load them in APD iConnect?
  24. Will there be a disaster plan, or will providers still keep one in the consumer file?
  25. Is there a form for the Implementation Plan once the agency gets a copy of the Individual Support Plan?
  26. Will we be able to see our staff notes before they are submitted?
  27. Will WSCs and providers be able to leave support plans and other forms in draft for supervisors to review prior to submission?
  28. In the documentation portion, will the service worker see the rate for the service they are providing?
  29. Can we use our current format of the implementation plan or will we use a standardized form?
  30. Can you give an example using the progress note tab?
  31. If the providers can pull up Service Authorization in APD iConnect for yearly billing, how can we as Support Coordinators receive progress notes or service notes from the providers?
  32. Will daily service logs/notes go into APD iConnect?
  33. Can providers upload all current records once they start using APD iConnect?
  34. Will there be a drop-down screen for adding progress notes?
  35. Does documentation have to be entered into the system daily or can it be entered into APD iConnect weekly?
  36. When placing daily progress notes into a record, direct service providers fill out a paper progress note that is a full page and sometimes two pages. How will this paper form be placed into the consumer’s record?
  37. Can we upload a document file, or do we have to type it in?
  38. If editing is necessary for a note, will the initial note remain? If so, would the edited note have to state it’s an edited note and ignore previous versions?
  39. Can documents be deleted in APD iConnect?
  40. Will more than one day of notes be able to be inputted or does it have to be done separate for each day?
  41. Will we have to copy and paste if we are using outside systems? Can we upload from outside systems for our quarterly notes?
  42. How would you attach or send in the script for physical therapy?
  43. What information will an agency have if consumer services are shared with another agency?
  44. Does the WSC Information form allow the WSC to type in agency name, email, or phone number? Furthermore, there should be room to incorporate a change of WSC during the same Support Plan year.
  45. Is there a plan to increase the word/character limits? WSCs are having to reduce personal/home life history due to the limitation of characters.
  46. Should I password protect documents that I will attach as a note within APD iConnect?


  1. Will WSCs be required to use EVV?


  1. Will WSCs still be responsible for updating and add medications?
  2. Is medication administration going to be in APD iConnect? Can we keep our own digital MAR software?
  3. Will the medications tab show the date the medication was updated, so that someone doesn't delete a medication in error?
  4. Why is there a medication tab outside of the Person-Centered Support Plan?


  1. What do I do as an Agency Supervisor when I can view the consumer's WSC Selection Notice Note but cannot pull up the consumer’s other info in APD iConnect?
  2. What should a WSC do if they can’t find a consumer?
  3. What do I do if I cannot see consumers in APD iConnect, but I can see them in iBudget?
  4. What should a WSC do if they cannot see any ticklers on their dashboard for a consumer who is assigned to them?
  5. What do I do if I am trying to complete an HCBS Waiver Eligibility Work Sheet for a consumer, but the consumer's insurance information is missing?
  6. If a WSC is listed several times under the Provider Selection on the consumer's HCBS Waiver Eligibility Work Sheet, how can the excess entries be removed?
  7. If a WSC has two member IDs and can’t pull up their consumers, what should they do?
  8. How does a WSC change the address of a consumer?
  9. If a consumer’s WSC in APD iConnect is different from what is in iBudget, what should the WSC do?
  10. Should supervisors be able to see all agency clients and see other WSCs’ ticklers?
  11. If a WSC tried to change/update the address for a consumer in APD iConnect, but the city and ZIP code will not populate, what should they do?
  12. How can a WSC deactivate a consumer or close a case?
  13. Will I receive a notification of these "ticklers" via email, phone, etc. or do I need to go into APD iConnect frequently to check any tickler alerts?
  14. What is a tickler?
  15. If a client has more than three physicians, how do we add them?
  16. What is the process for calling for support with APD iConnect?
  17. What do we do if we have an issue with the system timing out?
  18. How do I print the Consumer Cost Plan?


  1. What information will an agency have if consumer services are shared with another agency?

System Requirements

  1. Is there going to be an APP or VPN connection?
  2. Are there any dictation programs that can be incorporated into APD iConnect for WSC progress case notes (such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking) in APD iConnect?
  3. Will processing speed be affected by the potential 50,000+ users?
  4. Will APD iConnect be supported with the new computer technology?
  5. Will I be able to access APD iConnect from my tablet?
  6. Will APD iConnect eventually be available for Mac OS?