APD iConnect FAQ

APD Staff


  1. Will APD staff be able to edit forms and information on APD iConnect?


  1. Will people who live in Intermediate Care Facilities be included in APD iConnect in the future?


  1. What if an APD staff member closed out an APD iConnect Note prematurely (user accidently marked a Note as complete)?
  2. How can an APD staff member reverse a CDC+ program tier to a waiver code?
  3. What if an APD staff member mistakenly created a Note in a consumer record and wants to delete it?
  4. What should be done when a consumer’s APD iConnect ID appears with two divisions, one is FOR and the other APD?
  5. How can APD staff change a QSI form from “completed” to “pending” in APD iConnect?
  6. What should be done if consumers added in APD iConnect are not showing up in ABC?
  7. How can APD staff reopen a closed case or a case closed in error?
  8. What should a Regional Liaison do if they are trying to assign a WSC a new consumer in APD iConnect, but the Regional Liaison is unable to find the WSC?
  9. Will a calendar/reminder system be available?
  10. What option do potential consumers have if they do not have a computer or smartphone to complete application?
  11. Will QSI and ABC be available through APD iConnect right away or will that be phased in?

Record Retention

  1. What will the QIO vendor (Qlarant) be looking at when they visit, will they have access to same information they accessed before?
  2. What will happen to paper files/central files, now that APD iConnect is live?
  3. Will employee records be in APD iConnect? Certificates? Clearinghouse information? TRAIN access? etc.
  4. Do you have to send a response to a non-compliance note before the due date?
  5. Can you upload the CAP, forms, spreadsheets, non-compliance documents in APD iConnect?


  1. How will signatures be obtained on documents like the support plan, HCBS Medicare Waiver Eligibility Work Sheet, AIM, Implementation Plans, etc.?
  2. How do consumers sign Implementation Plans or Person-Centered Support Plans?