APD iConnect FAQ



  1. How do I get my Credentials to access this portal?
  2. How do you log in to APD iConnect? When can group home providers have access?
  3. Who decides who has access to the APD iConnect program? Do providers determine who has access at their agency?
  4. How does a provider gain permission to allow their manager to also have the service provider role?
  5. What is the process for staff changing their phone number for multi-factor authentification?
  6. For staff to reset their password, they will need smart phone or two phone numbers listed? Where do they put the second phone number?
  7. Can an EVV Manager role see the amount for authorizations?
  8. Will Direct Supports be able to see rates?
  9. Will passwords need to be changed every 45 days or so?
  10. If for some reason a provider does not complete ID PASS using the email within the five days, can the prompt email be resent?
  11. Can you register multiple devices for your secondary authentication?
  12. Can secondary authentication be on same device as the one used for the mobile app?


  1. How will providers receive authorizations and/or be notified of changes to/terminations of existing authorizations?
  2. Will service providers be able to obtain their own service approval/authorization?
  3. Will direct care staff have access to the authorizations?


  1. In APD iConnect, will provider billing staff have access to bills as they do now in the FMMIS billing portal?
  2. Will billing be reimbursed within the week as it is now?
  3. If a there is a change in providers, how will the former provider be able to access the consumer's record to submit billing?
  4. How will the Personal Support daily rate be determined?
  5. Will the Service Provider worker do the claims or the Agency Owner?
  6. Will Solo Providers be able to see Claims?
  7. Are workers/staff able to see billing amounts for a service?
  8. Will APD iConnect allow providers to put in LTRC invoices?


  1. How are providers being prepared now for their "go live" date?
  2. As a provider, how do I search for clients if a support coordinator is not responding to their emails?

Cost Plans

  1. How will providers be notified when funding/authorizations are adjusted to meet the changing needs of the individual?


  1. Can a provider document after services are rendered?
  2. Will providers be able to type the actual date visit is made, or will the date show up as the date we type it?
  3. After taking clients to the doctor, will we be required to send medical and dental forms in APD iConnect?
  4. Will agency owners be able to see what each service worker is entering before it is sent or seen by WSC and other officials?
  5. For nursing services, will we create nursing assessment, care plans, and nursing notes in APD iConnect? Or will we be able or allowed to upload our own files (PDF or Word) into APD iConnect?
  6. If a customer receives daily personal support services, will the assistant have to submit his/her daily service notes immediately after the service ends?
  7. Can you cut and paste your quarterly summaries information into notes?
  8. If a consumer receives services seven days a week, does the provider have to log in and submit a service log per day, or are we able to log in and submit seven days but separate dates/logs on one day specified for logging?
  9. Is there a report that administration can use to be able to review all pending service logs at once?
  10. Can we assign a specific staff member to writing service logs on APD iConnect, even though they didn't provide the service?
  11. When writing a service log for a shift that was overnight (e.g., 11 p.m.-7 a.m.), does it have to have two logs -- one for 11 p.m.-12 a.m. and another for 12 a.m.-7 a.m.? Or will it recognize past midnight and calculate hours correctly?
  12. Why are WSCs still asking for caregiver information?
  13. Can you upload your own document?
  14. If you are providing services to consumers with different ratios, how is that documented in APD iConnect?
  15. Are providers able to add a service log from a different date? How many days after the service can they add service logs?
  16. What is the difference between a service log note and a progress note when adding documents?
  17. What if a service provider clicks Completed on the service log but more time needs to be added?
  18. What if more then one service is provided in a day? (e.g., Personal Supports provided from 7 a.m.-9 a.m., then Companion from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.)
  19. Is the service log daily or weekly?

EVV - Overview

  1. What is an electronic visit verification (EVV) system?
  2. What is EVV and what does it mean for Personal Supports providers?
  3. What will EVV track?
  4. Why must we use an EVV system?
  5. Who is affected by this new change?
  6. What is the EVV required implementation date?
  7. What services will be in Phase 1 of EVV?
  8. Which services will be using EVV system?
  9. Will there be training in the EVV?
  10. If we currently use an electronic system for visit verification will we have to cancel those to use APD’s EVV system?
  11. In order to use EVV, do staff/service providers need to obtain a Medicaid provider number with AHCA?
  12. Will Florida allow you to submit the electronic claim form directly to the state or will Florida require we use a third-party EVV program?
  13. With the new EVV mobile site, will providers be tracked by GPS the entire time they are providing a service?
  14. How can I provide input and receive updated information about the EVV system?
  15. EVV for Personal Supports is only for hourly service, not the 24-hour live-in service, correct?
  16. When will EVV begin being phased in?
  17. Are service hours capped on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis?
  18. Will we have to put the next address in every time we leave the client’s home address?
  19. Does the worker have to carry the phone with them when they take the client out, for example to shop, go to the movies, or visit a doctor?
  20. Does EVV apply to live-in/24-hour Personal Supports?
  21. If, in a 24-hour setting, a staff member is awakened by a client, do they first have clock back in before attending to the need?
  22. Will APD be sending out information to families/guardians regarding APD iConnect and EVV, or should providers or WSCs inform them?
  23. If I start a delivery, exit the system, and then want to log back in to the EVV mobile site, how do I find the delivery again?
  24. Can the Provider EVV Manager go in manually and adjust the start/end time or just notes?
  25. Is there a time limit or maximum number of notes you can have saved in the EVV mobile site before they are uploaded to APD iConnect?
  26. What is the process for entering service logs for employees who are waiting for ID PASS authentication to be completed and therefore cannot access the EVV mobile site?

EVV - Claims

  1. Can a worker submit a claim straight from the EVV mobile site?

EVV - Devices and Authentication

  1. If EVV is required for a service, who will provide the device?
  2. Will a provider have to use the same mobile device every time they provide a service to a client?
  3. What if a caregiver doesn’t have a smart phone to add the app of EVV?
  4. Does a tablet used for EVV services have to have a data plan in order to use GPS?
  5. Will the EVV mobile site require secondary authentication, like APD iConnect does?
  6. What happens if the worker doesn’t have a cell phone with data?
  7. Can an EVV worker log in with one device and log out with another device (when in the community)?
  8. Does it make more sense for EVV staff to use their smartphones and data plan (vs. unlimited data) or is it better to issue an agency phone with an unlimited data plan?
  9. Can we use a consumer’s smartphone?

EVV - Documentation

  1. Are EVV workers expected to do double work (add service logs in two locations)?
  2. Can providers add schedules and just have direct support staff type in notes?
  3. When documenting time in and out for multiple caregivers, can they both clock in/out at the same time, or does one need to clock out at 3 p.m. and the next worker clock in at 3:01 p.m.?
  4. What if EVV times in and out don’t match what was put in the schedule?
  5. What if two or more caregivers provide services for a consumer in one day in different shifts. Is that going to cause problems with service logs?
  6. Since there is not an option for a monthly summary in Provider Documentation for Personal Supports, how should we capture that information?
  7. Will there be a way to dictate notes?
  8. Can workers make a service log complete rather than pending on the EVV mobile site or only in APD iConnect?
  9. Is there a standardized form for service logs/fields that would satisfy Qlarant? Can there be monthly summary option in other services (as they come on board) to address Qlarant issues?
  10. How many characters are allowed in the service log box?
  11. Can service logs be uploaded?
  12. Can we electronically print records or must we manually print them? There is some concern over losing access to a record if the provider’s services are terminated. What if a provider is sued, audited, etc. and needs records? What if additional billing (since they have 365 days) needed to be done or claim adjusted after services are terminated? How would they meet requirement to keep records for five years?
  13. How long does APD iConnect keep documents?
  14. How can a provider copy (or upload) Personal Supports notes (service logs)?
  15. Since some providers may have multiple pages of notes per shift, is there a way to add those notes after a service delivery?

EVV - Login/Service Issues

  1. How does a provider manually record a visit if the EVV site is down, there is no internet/service, or the phone is dead?

EVV - Serving Multiple Customers

  1. If serving Personal Supports simultaneously to three people using EVV, will the provider need to clock in/out three times?
  2. If three people live together (serving 1:3 ratio), and in the morning two go to ADT so now one is at 1:1, does the provider have to clock in/out in real time?
  3. What if a service has always been at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, but the authorization is for a 1:1 ratio?

EVV - System Support and Learning Resources

  1. When is the APD iConnect Support Desk available?
  2. Is there a 24/7 helpline or should a provider email the helpdesk and wait for reply?
  3. How are helpdesk tickets prioritized?
  4. Where can I find recorded webinars online for providers?
  5. What documentation is needed for the EVV worker to start or end in a location other than consumer’s home?
  6. Is it possible to add more consumer records in the training site so that providers can train for situations involving multiple recipients/ratios at the same time?

EVV - Violations

  1. What if we check into a client’s house but then take them places and end up leaving them after the shift at an address other than their own address?
  2. Is there a threshold for EVV violations that if reached would trigger red flags or sanctions?
  3. Sometimes when I start delivery of an EVV service, the EVV mobile site doesn’t get my location exactly right. What happens if my entry shows that I am not at the exact address for the consumer? Is it OK if the locator is close by, but not exact?
  4. Do I have to justify the location violation each time this error occurs, on each visit to the consumer?

EVV - Workers and Roles

  1. What happens if we have an EVV worker that also works for another agency? Will they need two separate accounts, one for each agency?
  2. What do we do when we have clients who have more than five caregivers in a week or more than five staff assigned to a consumer for delivery of and EVV service?
  3. If you are a solo provider and you have a back-up worker, how will you give them access?
  4. When will all the roles become available?
  5. EVV does not allow for more than five workers assigned per client. Can it be changed to allow more?
  6. Where can we find a detailed listing of the privileges of the various roles?
  7. How many roles can one employee have?
  8. How many people can be assigned to a role?
  9. What role will be able to see the usage of authorized quarter hours?
  10. Who has the authority to roll over units to the next quarter?
  11. The EVV Manager will be able to bill the service as soon as the EVV notes (service logs) are reviewed and completed. Does it make sense for EVV Manager to have this function or the billing agent?


  1. Will emergency agencies such as police/medical have access to APD iConnect?
  2. Are providers able to see all consumers in APD iConnect or just access to consumers on their caseload?
  3. How will information of a sensitive/confidential nature be protected from all providers with authorizations for the same consumer?

Implementation Schedule

  1. How is it determined which rollout wave providers are in?
  2. How do I know which wave I am in?
  3. Since “waves" are defined by procedure codes, can one provider’s services place them within multiple waves? If some of the procedure codes get a provider into Wave 1, will all the provider’s services be involved in the same wave?
  4. Can we start completing information for Residential Habilitation or other services already in APD iConnect?


  1. Do you have to go into each tab each day or does a notification come up when things come in for the referrals for client or for the CAP tab?
  2. Is there a drop down to choose the ratios?

Provider Enrollment

  1. What's the process for when a provider is terminated?

Provider Interface

  1. Will the provider have to create the XML file?
  2. Will APD iConnect interface with external (third-party vendor) EHR systems?
  3. Will I be able to use other EHR systems with APD iConnect?
  4. When sending over XML files can it be more than one note?
  5. Will providers be able to upload service log notes in a PDF or Word doc format or only XML?
  6. Are providers expected to come up with an interface on their own if they find that direct entry into APD iConnect isn’t practical?
  7. When will a sample XML file be available along with the screen design and associated field mappings?
  8. So, WSCs are not using the interface at all?
  9. Based on the Provider Required Documentation document, Attendance Logs can function via an interface. Is it possible to also have an “Attendance” function for transportation trip logs via an interface?
  10. Will providers be able to submit 837 files into APD iConnect?
  11. Is there a product that you would recommend providers could use to generate the XML files?
  12. Can an SFTP upload be voided and resent?
  13. If providers are going to use a third-party external interface, do caregivers need access to APD iConnect?
  14. I currently have all of my caregivers using HHA Exchange. Will it be the same as I am uploading the file from HHA Exchange to APD iConnect as I do with FMMIS?


  1. Will the Quality Improvement vendor (Qlarant) continue to conduct face-to-face interviews with providers?
  2. Are all Qlarant requirements covered in the new Support Plan?
  3. What will Qlarant be looking at when they visit in person, if they will already have access to information on APD iConnect?
  4. Will providers still need to keep the authorization in consumer file?
  5. Will Qlarant look at providers’ service log notes in APD iConnect? Or will providers will still be required to have hard copies?
  6. If everything is now transitioning online would it still be necessary for Qlarant to come out and review documentation?
  7. Can providers upload documentation as proof for POR?
  8. Will providers be notified of the scheduled PDR through APD iConnect?
  9. Do providers have to print service logs and documentation for Qlarant reviews?
  10. With the electronic documentation, will the agency still need to keep copies in the office for Qlarant reviews?
  11. What is the time frame for Qlarant to begin using APD iConnect? If a provider recently had a review and the next review isn’t until 2022, will Qlarant will be using APD iConnect by then?


  1. What’s the difference between Worker and Member?
  2. Does worker = employee? That is not a requirement for documentation and/or billing, so why it would be necessary in this?
  3. Will providers be able to manage their workers in APD iConnect themselves?
  4. How many users will providers be allowed to have?

Stakeholder Testing

  1. Are you doing a test project with actual WSCs and providers?

System Requirements

  1. Will there be any training regarding the equipment and software needs of providers and WSCs?
  2. Will technical assistance be available to assist providers with the process?


  1. Will there be a training site to help new providers and WSCs learn how to use the APD iConnect system?
  2. Will the classroom-based training have a computer lab?
  3. Will APD offer hands-on training for this new APD iConnect system?
  4. How will this affect providers who are not computer-literate?
  5. Is there a way to have one-on-one training?
  6. Can we go to the training site now to practice using APD iConnect and get used to it?
  7. Will there be a chance for providers to practice billing?
  8. Will there be an in-office training in the near future?
  9. When will new providers without clients receive training?
  10. Has the provider training for APD iConnect been scheduled?